Aly & AJ : Guitar Hero Guitars, 3rd Album & A Diss On HSM Cast?

Here’s a video of sister pop group Aly & AJ discussing the Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars that they helped developed with PDP. The guitars will hit stores about October. Also, they shared more info about their 3rd album. They’re calling it “more rock” and of course the proverbial influence of Pop Stars on the youth as “role models“. Yeah, yeah…


I kinda like that heart shaped guitar. And it’s pink. Did they just diss Ashley Tisdale and High School Musical Cast? When asked if they could handle the HSM cast against a Guitar Hero battle, they said, “maybe we have better stage presence, coz you know, we’re artists, go on stage“. Whaaat? Hey Aly and AJ, Ashley and Vanessa have their own albums out you know. But they saved themselves by saying maybe they should just form a band together. Uh Huh!

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    • bridget

      I think what they meant is that they actually play guitars where as to my knowledge vanessa and ashley don’t. They also play piano and the bongos(no I’m not making this up, lol, look up a performance of “flattery” on youtube). Vanessa’s known for lipsynching as well, but I doubt they were trying to insult them as Aly worked on a movie with Vanessa and they seem to be friends.