Jamie Lynn Sends bristol Palin a Gift

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Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, who has been under enormous pressure from the media in the past few days is getting some well needed support from an unexpected source, Zoey 101.

According to sources, Jamie Lynn Spears wanted Bristol Palin to know she’s not alone in the unwed teen mom spotlight – so she’s sent a care package of fancy embroidered burp cloths. The package included a card which read “Dear Bristol: Hang in there!!!!! XXOO.”

“She wanted it in pink. I’m assuming the two have spoken, and she knows it’s a girl,” a spokesman for Petit Tresor, the West Hollywood shop that took the order told the Daily News.

“We’re sending it to the (Alaska) state capital,” the Tresor rep said.

Ever since the announcement of Palin’s pregnancy she’s been compared to Jamie Lynn Spears over and over again. Why? Well, probably a Democrat spin to try and compare both mom and discredit Sarah Palin, but without getting into politics, heh :), I think this was a very nice gesture by JLS.

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      but britney spears she always love to ask people something good about music alright,ok

      But they don`t ask for like songwriters,alright

      But i do like it when she ask me for songs