Noah Cyrus, Ali Lohan, Madison Pettis in ‘Mostly Ghostly’!


Wow, there are a ton of junior celebs in the upcoming DVD release of Mostly Ghostly!! Madison Pettis, Ali Lohan, Noah Cyrus, Luke Benward, and Sterling Beaumon star in the movie that follows Max, an 11-year-old boy who sees ghosts haunting his house!!

Get your copy on September 30th!

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    • ILuvyaNiley

      geat i want noah to be in show business but how come if shes so important then why isn’t she on the cover

    • MileyFana13

      I agree with ILuvyaNiley. Y isn’t Noah on the cover? Oh and Does it say that Sabrina Bryan is gonna be in the movie? As in The Cheetah Girls Sabrina!? WOW I’m gonna watch this as soon as it comes out! Although Emily Osment should’ve been in it again!

    • april

      Was that the audition that ali took in one of her shows (living lohan)
      i kinda wanna see this..

    • Gabby

      Sabrina only appears in the movie for a few minutes they are using her name for publicity reasons to get hype so people will want to by the movie notice it says with before her name her and Noah Cyrus both have very minor roles in this movie.

    • erikaa

      noah cyrus was in the movie for like ONE MINUTE!!! why is her name on the cover??

    • NelenaRulez

      Madison and Noah rocked in that movie!

    • gogojojo

      hi in mostley ghostly is noah the one who says mommy look there are real gohsts out here.cuz if it is that was tuhe perfect line for her

    • LukeBenwardFan1

      I like Luke best in the movie caz he is sooooooooo cute