The Palladinos are Blogging

Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, creators / producers for Gilmore Girls, are on the scene of the Democratic Convention in Denver to live-blog for PopWatch!

The first post, written by Dan in co-ordination with Amy, can be read here. The pair bring their unique pop-ish writing style even to political blogging. They describe the scene in Denver with:

"Look underneath and you discover that the Mile High City has become a repository for the largest collection of nutballs on either side of the Mississippi."

They mention where you can find the "true, weird America" in Denver and all that one can by there. Already since that first post, you can find these other articles by Dan & Amy:

The Palladinos are donors of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, so that’s probably how they were invited into blog this event. Very neat!

Future posts by the Palladinos will be found under this category.

Thanks to Regis for the tip!

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    • jju

      Gilmore girls is the best show and i cant wait. Google/yahoo gilmore girls blog, theres so many good ones. Scott Pattersone (lucas from gg) actually sent me a signed picture and letter. Alexis wrote back to a letter toO!!! GG is the best!!!! Season 8 will come,.

    • kay

      exciting news

    • Laura

      Sorry to hear they are Democrats and supporting the most inexperienced candidate in the history of the United States!

    • marcos

      wich clssic or classics books used the lenguage ,slang of lyrolai gilmore?im an soap opera actor,movies sometimes needing this material is too much ask a tip on this?thanks for all bye