Noah Cyrus in a Hannah Montana Wig

How cute is Noah Cyrus in a Hannah Montana wig? This is a great picture of Miley, Billy Ray and Noah Cyrus on the set of the Disney series Hannah Montana. I am really curious to see what Noah Cyrus does with her career. Do you think she’ll have her own Disney show soon?

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    • MileyFana13

      I do think she’ll have her own show, ’cause alot of people are saying she’s raelly talented and that she loves to sing! I think NOAH is the ONLY one that will be “The Next Miley.”

    • Kayla

      No. I don’t think she will have a Disney show. I just don’t see her going in that direction since she has seen first-hand what it’s been like for Miley. I don’t think she’ll want all that craziness with fans and paparazzi always surroubdubg her but of course, it’s her decision really.

    • JBLuvr

      NOPE! I dont think she wil hav her own DISNEY channel show, mabe like som show on som othr channel, cuz like she knows wats happened to Miley and all, u know?

    • sade

      Yea she might! Because even though she’s seen first hand what happens to miley she’s still really young to understand the bad about it. And she mite like that attention that miley has and may wanna be just like her! Idono if that’s good or not but yea. And 4 once I do agree with “miley fan 13″ if anyone should be call the next miley you would think it should be noah

    • shanel

      ewww her legs are open!but the pic is cute!

    • MileyFana13

      @ shanel

      She’s just 7!!!!

    • Josephine

      Yea she might and Noah is “the real next miley”

    • sabrina

      noahs really cute and she wont be a hoe like her sister miley


      I doubt it. But if she does, I’m not watching. It’s probably going to be as stupid as Hanny Montany MUAHAHAHA!!!

    • rewan

      noah will never be like miley
      and i won’t watch the show if she do it
      hate her
      no one can replace miley