• Sun, Aug 24 2008

Brooke Knows Best: Rey, Rey, Go Away

Brooke Knows BestThis week on Brooke Knows Best, the apartment gets a little crowded. Glenn has a friend that needs to place to stay for three weeks and it turns out to be Brooke’s couch. Brooke is not impressed by him from the get go. He is short and chubby and not at all attractive, but being a good friend, Brooke decides to tolerate Glenn’s buddy.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

Ashley was definitely not impressed by all of the video game crap that Rey brought with him, proving in case no one was sure yet, that he is a huge dork.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

I mean, who really carries around a Super Mario Brothers hat and has tattoos of an Apple Computers logo? I’m surprised he doesn’t still live in his mom’s basement!

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

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When Hulk finds out there is a straight guy staying at the apartment he sends a spy to check him out. Of course, once the guy takes a good look at Rey I’m sure he reported back to Hulk that he had no worries.

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Brooke and Ashley were very rudely surprised one morning to find out that Rey sleeps in the nude. They were in the kitchen trying to eat their breakfast when Brooke looked over and saw a glimpse of Rey’s hairy butt hanging out of his blanket. He was sleeping naked on her couch that they all sit on to watch TV! Disgusting! So naturally, Brooke whips out her phone and takes a picture.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

I’m sorry, but that’s an image I would like to forget. The last straw is next. Rey brings home a girl to the apartment at three in the morning and makes Brooke get up to show him how to use the Jacuzzi and then makes her loan the girl one of her bathing suits.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]
[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

As you can imagine, Brooke is seriously pissed and tells Glenn that Rey has to go. In the end, Glenn won’t tell him to leave so Brooke and Ashley do.

[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

Rey takes it pretty well. I guess Brooke will think twice next time about letting Glenn’s friends sleep on the couch.

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  • YOYO

    This show is s*** , we all know that this plot was created by producers , seriously , this guy is a games freak but he managed himself to get a hot chick in a bathtub ? only in VH1 , and BTW eat my shorts