Hayden Panettiere protest pictures

How can we not love this girl?

Hollywood star of "Heroes" Hayden Panettiere, of Save the Whales

Hollywood star of “HeroesHayden Panettiere joined a Greenpeace parade in Anchorage, Alaska last March 2007. In behalf of Save the Whales Campaign, Hayden joined the thousands of people across the globe to send a message to delegates of the International Whaling Commission, meeting that week in Alaska to decide the future of the great whales. Hundreds of thousands of whales die every year because of human impacts such as pollution, ships strikes, climate change and being caught in nets, yet the Commission will focus discussion on where, when and how to hunt them.

Though more the picture is old, it shows Hayden’s commitment to her cause even before it got her in the limelight. In this picture, Hayden joins with other protesters.

Image used with permission from Newscom

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    • alie

      would anyone know who the guy next to her is ?? im just wondering