Bella Swan vs. Hermione Granger

Hermione GrangerImage via Wikipedia There’s an interesting article over at the MTV Movies blog that seems to have one purpose and one purpose only: to perpetuate a really unnecessary rivalry between Twilight’s Bella Swan and Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger. Here’s the relevant snippet:

Bella is magnetic. Hermione is awkward. But fans of both the Twilight and Harry Potter series pick Hermione over Bella any day. Why?
“Some girls want to see themselves as Bella,” said Megan Schuyler, who’s been capturing the wizard rock scene in her documentary film “The Wizard Rockumentary.” “If you’re feeling clumsy and different, it’s fun to imagine that some dreamy perfect guy would be obsessed with you.”

(speaking of Bella) “She’s wimpy!” Megan Schuyler said, who’s been capturing the wizard rock scene in her documentary film “The Wizard Rockumentary”. “When I went to the book release party, I wore a shirt that says, ‘Bella Sucks.’”

“I think Bella is a bit underdeveloped as a character,” said Amy Snow, of the wizard rock band Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons. “Hermione was first and foremost a person, and she’s realistic. It’s a pity Bella doesn’t have a secret inner strength. She’s more of just a pure maiden.”


What do you think? I can’t really speak to Bella’s character because I haven’t read the books. But judging from what I’ve heard, and how well I know Hermione, I would say Hermione is a WAY better fictional role model and general all-around character. Come on, let’s tawk!

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    • Lann nakamura

      im sorry hermione but please tell ron that i love him im only 10 years old its like a crush. and i totally respect your love for ron.

    • Lann nakamura

      i hate twilight compared to harry potter cuz in the moveies rob pattinson and kristen stewart like totally kill the movei cuz thye are toooo dramatic. period.
      exept for taylor lautner he is sexy as he;; you get it dont you?????
      I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NO! I DIDNT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruth

      This is an honest, DUH.
      Having read the entire Harry Potter series, because it was that awesome, and forcing myself to finish Twilight (the “novel” not the series), I can tell the two characters are completely different.

      Hermione is actually smart, the voice of reason (even though she goes to extreme lengths to help Harry) and can use magic. It took her six , or five it’s been a while, for her to admit she really liked Ron. She took her time.
      Bella is a whiny brat that has no respect for her father (I liked Charlie dammit!), does nothing to help, ends up captured, has no special skills to speak of, is willing to fall in love with an abusive stalker a few days after meeting him.

      No contest. Hermione wins all the way.

      I still don’t know why people put Twilight on par with Harry Potter. It’s insulting to J.K. Rowling.

    • Audrey

      O God, they are so different don’t even start. They’re not even from the same damn book!

    • lisa

      I’ve read all the twilight books and only 2 HP books & i think that Hermione
      is wwwaaaayyy better!

    • malu

      Bella is a crybaby who complains about everything, Hermione however, though something happens, no. Who is the real hero?

    • rosa

      bella is better than hermonie totally better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!