Roseanne attacks Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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I think somebody went off her meds! Comedian Roseanne Barr offered up a vicious rant on her personal MySpace blog titled “Jon Voight” this weekend, basically taking to task Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for every misery of the world. I knew she was a little bit nuts, but this takes the cake. Here we go:

Angelina Jolie

“Your evil spawn Angelina Jolie and her vacuous hubby Brad Pitt make about $40 million a year in violent, psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children, trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more,” Roseanne writes.

She also attacks the actress for recently saying she is undecided about the presidential election.
“Miss Jolie says she likes [John] McCain too and hasn’t decided who to endorse….huh?” Roseanne writes. “Aren’t you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party’s worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?”
She claims that Jolie’s “Thai and Vietnamese sons” are also “victims of America’s right-wing military incursions too.”
Roseanne writes that “it might be good for your Asian and African children’s self-esteem to know you support” Barack Obama, a man of color, “for the leader of the free world.”

She signs off her post: “Now go back to making your movies about women who love to handle big guns that shoot hundreds of people to death.” – source

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She also had this to say today:
americans think they are helping suffering children by looking at angie and brad’s family photos. In reality though, they are not helping anything but rupert murdoch’s piece of the right wing “war machine” empire. boycott gossip rags and celeb news…your life will instantly improve!!!

What do you think – is she crazy, right, wrong……

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    • Susan

      And exactly what value is Roseanne adding to this world??? She’s just trying to get a little publicity for her sinking career…

    • Kate

      You pose a good question, and I am compelled to respond.

      First, Roseanne has not added anything to anyone for decades. Admittedly, she once had a funny show on the air for a couple of years. But she has always been one tumbler away from a dead bolt.

      Roseanne cannot add anything to the world or get any publicity for her sinking carerr because she is a never-was, has-been, wannabe, screwed up psycho bitch who has no career.

      No one cares what Roseanne has to say. We are amazed that she bothers to speak at all. With a failed life, countless uncured mental disorders and star power envy, Roseanne sadly trots out her domineering, ugly self for all the world to see.

      Why? In a word: JEALOUSLY!

    • milana

      Loud mouthed shrew – how can anyone fall from the garbage that comes out of her mouth.