Adrienne Curry: Reality Show Judge?

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According to Adrienne Curry has signed up to be a judge on an upcoming reality show whose winner will receive their own reality show. The tentative title of this game show is Gimme My Reality Show. She’ll be joining fellow judges veteran reality producer Scott Sternberg; and Daily Variety TV editor Michael Schneider on the show.

The show will feature such contestants as Gretchin Bonaduce from Breaking Bonaduce, Santino Rice from Project Runway, Ryan Starr from The Surreal Life & American Idol, Surreal Life winner Traci Bingham, and infamous house guest Kato Kaelin.

The contestants will be competing to see which one is more worthy of having a reality show. The winner’s reality show will feature their daily activities no matter how boring or exciting they may be. The winner will be chosen by votes from viewers, so Curry will not have the final say on who will win their own reality show. However, seeing as she has been on more than three reality shows herself, she probably has some good advice to give on how to act to get viewers watching.

It’s just unfortunate that we viewers will not have a better selection of contestants. (Kato Kaelin??) I honestly think Santino could pull off his own reality show (unless he is just going to rely on his Tim Gunn impression the whole time) but the others may not be as interesting. And where are my favorite Goth couple, Kynt & Vyxsin from The Amazing Race? I think they should get a reality show! But then, they never ask me… ;-)

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