Fred Phelps and his crew of morons plan to picket Bernie Mac’s funeral

These people make me sick. You can see their official news release here; here’s a great documentary of what they are all about:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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    • Awne

      I hope this is some kind of sick joke that this moran has planned. I would not advise him to even attempt to go to CHICAGO and picket the funeral of the legendary Bernie Mac….his own life will be in jeopardy and that of his crew. Don’t this fool know the public is inivited. Don’t this evil fool knows America loves Bernie Mac. Somebody better tell stupido to rethink his actions on this day. Might not be a pretty site

    • JenniJanine

      Yes, this is definitely not a recommended method to exercise his right to be an all-out moron. Chicago will [not figuratively], but literally, waste no time in breaking his rear end down to the least common denominator. Somebody better warn that clown before he gets hurt. Is he for real? If anyone w/ moral & ethical influence over this Mr. Phelps just grab him and give him a thorough ‘shaking’? I don’t usually advocate physical violence, but it’s safe to assume he’s asking for it…agreed?