General Hospital FCW 2008 Recap, part 1

Our friend Shelley Brown who has provided us some of the pictures (1, 2, 3, 4) from this year’s FCW has also written a wonderful recap (per my request, thanks Shelley :) ) and agreed to be our Guest Poster for today. It’s a long event recap so I’ve decided to divide them in parts. I hope you stick around to read all of them. Enjoy

Guest Post from Shelley Brown

FCW 2008 ~ Memories, Fun and Friendships 

general-hospital-fcw08-rick-hearst-ignacio That pretty much sums up FCW 2008 for myself and I feel like I can safely say for my friends also.  It is a time for us to see the actors of GH, that is a given, but it is also a time for all of us to be in one spot and have fun.   The memories we made that weekend were some that we will never forget.

General Hospital FCW is one crazy weekend where we all converged in Studio City at the Sportman’s Lodge.  If I remember right there were around 28 events this year over 5 days.  Wheesh!  Out of those events,  I attended 10 of the them.   They were Kickoff, “Girls Night out” with Kent and Minae, Bradford Anderson, Greg Vaughan, Luncheon, Jason GerhardtDerk Cheetwood, Past Cast, Sebastian Roche and Brandon Barash.   Here is a summary on a few of them and then a few I will go into more detail on a couple of others.

general-hospital-fcw08-rick-hearst-ignacio2 The kickoff is always the first event of the weekend that pretty much declares FCW has begun.   This year Ignacio (Diego) or “Nacho” as we call him, along with his band, was the entertainment for the night.  His band are fan favorites to all of us that have attended in the past – they are great.  Throughout the night different actors made their way to the kickoff…Steve Burton, Jason Cook, Dylan Cash, Sebastian Roche, Rick Hearst, Carolyn Hennesy, Drew Cheetwood, Megan Ward were just a few.  At one point Rick went up on stage and sang “Take it Easy” with Nacho.

general-hospital-fcw08-carolyn-hennesy I was able to talk with Rick, Megan and Carolyn.

I left a little early because it was time for me to go to Kent and Minae’s “Girls Night Out”.

To be continued…..


(Images © Shelley Brown / Soaps On ABC)

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