A controversial hero at the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Tonight I just finished watching a spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The Chinese clearly wanted to showcase their best.

But the most poignant moment about tonight’s Olympic event is not the show. It’s a little-known boy named Lin Hao, who walked beside Yao Ming as he carried the Chinese flag. Lin Hao is quite the national hero! But his presence also caused some stormy controversy!

Olympics - Opening Ceremony

The nine-year old Lin Hao is a survivor of the Sichuan earthquake last month that killed more than 70,000 people. The second-grader was buried in the rubble that was his school but he managed to get out. And then he crawled back into the pile and got two of his classmates out. When he was later asked why he did that, the boy innocently said that he was class monitor leader, and that it’s his responsibility to look after his classmates. That little boy is standing much taller than the big man who carried the Chinese flag.

There is something else about this Olympics that got bloggers really excited. Not by accident, the tiny flag that Lin Hao is waving is upside down. It’s an international nautical distress signal. It’s a cry for help. Someone wanted to send a message out at the opening ceremony.

Now would heroes now please rise up from the people of Beijing.

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