Anna Wintour’s Daughter Makes Fun of J-Lo?


Remember that dress that Jennifer Lopez modeled for the Elle photoshoot recently?

Well, as several people pointed out, the back had to be let out a teensy bit for Jen since she’s a curvier gal than the dress was meant for. Still, she looks beautiful in it, and Oscar de la Renta, the designer, loved seeing her in it.

Apparently the snobs in the fashion world decided to make fun of J-Lo and the fact that they had to pin the dress in back. (As if this doesn’t happen all the time in the modeling world!)

Now, a fashion heavyweight has played a little joke on J-Lo. jlonc_aug_04_nc.jpg

Gawker has pointed out that Bee Shaffer, daughter of Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue) was wearing the same dress while popping in through New York recently, with a knowing little smile on her silly face. Bee and Anna are pictured above for a different event, but you’ve got to pop over to Gawker to see the side by side picture yourself.

Think this is a coincidence? If it was done with anyone else, probably not. But since Elle (the mag J-Lo posed for) is a competitor of Vogue, and since Bee was used as the little pawn in this game, it’s likely a snide way to imply that Jennifer is fat.

If this is the case, the jokes on you Bee and Anna. Healthy girls are in. Or haven’t you heard?

Image used with permission from Newscom.

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