Nick Jonas ‘A Little Bit Longer’ Speech

Nick Jonas makes an eight minute speech during A Little Bit Longer during the Burning Up Hershey Park concert July 25. He says thank you to the audience, “because you are my inspiration.

This song is for every broken heart, for every lost dream, for every high, for every low.” Is it just me or does Nick sound different over a loudspeaker?!?!

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    • capri

      i love this song and i love the speech he gives when he sings it. everytime i hear this song i cry. nick is so amazing he is a huge insperation to me..

      i don’t really think he sounds diffrent

    • shanel

      that was such a said seppechZ!: ‘[

    • Kathryn

      omj! Nick is sooooo cute! His speech makes me cry every time I hear it! It is totally my inspiration! I love you Nick!

    • jobrosfan

      i love nick soooo much i feel so bad for him and is and will always be my insperation

    • Emily

      I was there!!
      at that concert
      12th row!
      for some reason i didnt cry
      but i cried on aug 6 and aug 30

    • Anonymous

      Actually this was a full 11 minutes. I was there at that concert and i recorded it on my camera and it was almost exactly 11 minutes. :)
      Nick is such an inspiration!

    • Alexis

      OMJ!!! when i hear him say the speech it makes me cry!!!! i lov this song