Meryl Streep Lashes Out at Celeb Moms Like J-Lo


Meryl Streep is sounding off on stars who sell the rights to their baby’s photos. She says she’s “appalled whenever she hears about a star bargaining for media cash over baby photos – even if the cash is for charity.”

She believes that when you’re a star you “lose your right to privacy” and “if you promote your children, then they lose their rights.”

Uh… Meryl? Here’s the thing: Many of these stars AREN’T promoting their children. They’re just trying to live. But whenever they walk out of their house their kid gets a price on its head by paparazzi that try and snap a shot of it. So their trying to avoid this by just selling the rights. Having a photog come to their house, snap some shots, and take the paparazzi out of the game.

Get it?

I have a lot of respect for Meryl’s acting, but I’m not so sure she truly understands how Hollywood has changed since she had her own kids.

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    • Britta

      hmm i think she really knows all about it…

      Her children are in the age now, where they could be photographed drunk etc. but they aren’t

      So why aren’t they? Because she really managed to make a line between private and career.

      I also think that it depends where you are living. It is harder if you live in LA i think than in N.Y where she lives.

      there were always paparazzis also 20 years ago, when she had her children, but she managed!!!

    • Cherie

      Britta Hi. You make a great point about living in NY vs. LA. The photogs are a different breed in LA. Also, paparazzi is MUCH DIFFERENT than when Meryl was raising her children. It’s a different “game” so to speak, and much more aggresive.

    • Naomi

      I’m following Meryl streep’s career now for a few years, and i can tell you she still has a lot of paparazzi problems for herself but also for her children, the reason why we don’t hear from it is because she still protecting her children extremly. I also don’t believe you avoid a problem by selling the rights.. I thought that was the problem ? If you don’t want your baby published everywhere than why do you do it by yourself. You just give them what they want . Think about what the baby will think when she’s 20 .. Doesn’t she got the right to choose something like that by herself . I understand why they thought about the solution but i agree with Meryl and Britta! …

    • Eggs

      Meryl S. lived in LA for four years when her children were adolescents. She knows what paparazzi is. She slugged one in New York who tried to take one of her kids pictures back in the 80′s.

    • Jessica

      I don’t think Meryl’s talking about papparazzis here. She’s had her fair share of those I’m sure. Her comment is about selling the pictures to magazines, i.e. choosing to publicise the kids. That sort of make them public property and you’re ability to protect them from the media diminishes.

    • rose

      Meryl is 100% correct

      • olivia

        i totally agree with u i am 11 years old and i am a huge fan she is my idol so with what ever she says i go with i just wish to meet her if i had one wish it would be to meet her and im not kidding but of course i csnt meet her she prbly has security gaurds and crap but any ways im way off topic here i totally agree with rose she is 100% correct i give hats off to meryl streep

    • Elle

      wow meryl is right and this website needs to stop talking so mean and false about her!!!!