Germany’s Next Top Model Sex Tape Scandal

The internet has been lighting up with this story about Germany’s Next Top Model contestant Gina Lisa and her recent homemade sex tape, which has been leaked online.

The video was released by German paper Bild and features 23 minutes of “wild erotic games and unbridled sex.” The paper is claiming that Gina Lisa gave them permission to leak the video.

Gina, 21, appeared in the third cycle of GNTM. She was eliminated in the sixth episode

gina lisa germany’s next top model
Gina Lisa, left, with Sarah Knappik
Image used with permission from Newscom

“Gina agreed to have the film uploaded to earn money,” her boyfriend, who also stars in the video, said. “We filmed ourselves on purpose.”

Ever since it was released, Bild’s website has been crashing regularly.

I guess she was assuming that sex tapes=fame. Let’s look at a moment at who has famous sex tapes: Paris Hilton. Pamela Anderson. Kim Kardashian. The tape has resulted in an offer for Gina to star in a porn film. If this is the kind of fame she wants, that’s great. But it always frustrates me when people use the Top Model franchise to leverage their own fame and not their modeling career. It devalues the show.

However, if Gina leaked the tape to further her modeling career, that’s just dumb.

I know this isn’t the latest news, but I was wondering what you thought about it all, and if Gina made the right move or a very dumb one.

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    • missmarnip

      DUMB!! the dumbest decision she could have made! her reputation was already bad (she was the loud, stupid, big white-trash girl during the show and a fame-whore after that) and now… oh no!

    • EasterBuffy

      I agree. She didn’t come across as the brightest bulb on the show and also came off as very immature. It’s a shame that people now equate “leaked” sex tapes with fame and fortune. Infact, as I recall, one of her competitors (whose name I forget) was taken to task for saying that Gina Lisa looked like a hooker (pre-makeover, that is). The whole house called a meeting and she was forced to apologize. Well, GL shouldn’t have protested so much, since she’s proven that model correct.

    • Dennis

      That’s too bad. I kinda liked her..

    • song

      l like her so much .

    • alif daniel

      i from malaysia.if i hve a chance.i wnt to met her.she is very beutiful n cute!huhu..from alif daniel

    • Carrie

      I could not be any less surprised about this.

      I was MORE surprised that she made the show in the first place. She’s so tacky.

    • Hayley

      Way to get ahead in life….not!