Jodhi Meares’ AusNTM Future Uncertain

Behind The Scenes Of Australias Next Top Model
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Even though the Foxtel president said that host Jodhi Meares’ future with Australia’s Next Top Model was safe and that she would be welcome back next season, Jodhi is publicly stating that she has no plans to return to the show.

In a recent interview with GraziaMeares said, “I am not an entertainer, I don’t aspire to handle crowds of that level. I said that upfront and Foxtel were totally fine about it.”

She felt that her decision wasn’t very controversial and that the media hype was overblown and unnecessary.

“When it happened, I didn’t know how to feel. I thought, `What the hell do I do?’,” she said. “Obviously I have dealt with media interest in me before, but not on that scale and not for no reason, like this it really got out of hand.”

As for returning to AusNTM, it’s not happening, she claims. She has no plans to return to AusNTM or any participate in any media in the future. “I don’t see it as something I will need to manage in the future,” she said.

Certainly publicly discussing contract negotiations before they happen is a great way to not get your contract renewed. My only question now is–who are they going to hire to replace Jodhi?

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    • Jon

      Perhaps Kristie Hinze who hosted Project Runway Australia? Jodhi was a bit straight forward I found.

    • missmarnip

      if jodhi really thinks that the hype was “for no reason” then i would love to see her gone. calling subjects as bullying, being biased during voting and not hosting the finale show “overblown” makes me feel sick.

    • F!TO

      Jodhi was my favourite top model host!

    • http://none tina

      I liked her to start with but by the end of the season i no longer liked her. So YAY YAY YAY!!!! Shes gone… get someone who really knows how to model and has been very famous for it, like Elle or Miranda. America has Tyra, Germany has Heidi, so we want a great host too.

    • Lauren

      whether she returns or not, she’ll always be remembered as the girl who bailed. she’ll never live it down. she should leave, cos no one likes her. get someone who can actually host.