• Fri, Jul 18 2008

Solange Knowles Talks About Being From Famous Family


I can imagine that being from a famous family has both perks and drawbacks and it looks like Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyoncé, talked about that recently with Rap-Up.  Here’s what she said: “At this point, it’s starting to hurt me more than help me because my family is sort of known as the new age Huxtables. We’re the clean-cut girls. But I got married at 17, had a kid at 17. Ever since I was younger, I always considered myself to be into more artistic things than [Beyoncé]. People just hear the [Knowles] name and they just put a stamp on it automatically.”

What do you think?  Is being from a famous family better or worse in a situation like Solange’s?  Personally, I don’t think she would have been known at all so it’s probably a blessing although I’m sure it gets annoying sometimes.

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  • queen dee

    I think Solo’s deserving of the attention she’s garnering this time around, but it’s still only because she’s a Knowles. I’m sure it can be stressful, but she should also be thankful she is one because no one would care about her otherwise. Even now, I just think it’s because she tries so hard to be the “Anti-Beyonce” (even though I think that’s what she is musically). People see it as her trying to get from under Bey’s shadow instead of genuinely being herself. They also blame management/Papa Knowles.

  • Pamela

    It seems that its the media that keeps comparing the Knowles sisters. They r 2 different individuals with talent. Keep it up ladies. Matthew and Tina well done great job with the kids