Did playing the Joker kill Heath Ledger?

Quite a few people in the media and those who were close to Heath believe that it was his over the top performance of The Joker in the new Batman movie that played a part in his death. Heath apparently delved into this psychotic character so deeply that it became very difficult for him to separate pretend from reality – thus the reason he was taking sleeping pills. In this video, Christian Bale takes on this theory; basically, his take is that it’s absolute bollocks.

By the way, what accent is Christian Bale sporting? Seemed to go from Austrailian to Bronx and back again.

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    • http://tengossip.com Taylor Blue

      I was wondering too…it sounds a little English too. I was like…what..he has an accent? Since when….LOL

    • Thomas

      His accent is a unique blend of American English and Welsh. It sounds similar to someone living in the Bronx.

    • Derek BLACK

      Well he is welsh, i think he is just confused about his own voice now because of all his different movie roles. Which sort of makes him look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about in this sound byte because at the end of the day Heath Ledger could turn off the joker persona but he cant turn off some ridiculous accent?

    • shannon

      i don’t think that’s the reason why he died i’ve heard that he’s always had a sleeping problem so i don’t think that him dieing

    • http://www.vangcreative.dk Hans Christian Vang

      Bale is a welshman who has lived in the US for a long time – that wide-mouthed american accent rubs off on you – in time.

      I dont hear any welsh accent in him, more of a Eastend barrow boy.

      And he’s losing that, too, these days – from what newer interviews have allowed me to hear.