There might be a Faces reunion

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Ian McLagan is fueling rumors that Faces is going to make a comeback., as Rod Stewart has finally agreed to a reunion.

The group split up in ’75 when bassist Ronnie Wood went on to join The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart doing his own thing.

In case you haven’t ever heard Faces, check them out below, doing Stay With Me, Live. Rod was lookin’ hot decently cute for the 70′s, back in the day….too bad, now he’s just wrinkled.

Ian McLagan has confirmed recently that they plan to get back together.

He says, “We’re hoping to get together later this year to play and then we may have some news, but I want it to happen, badly. Rod hasn’t wanted to do it for a long time. He didn’t see the need in it but I think he really wants to now. It’s going to be great if it does happen. The Stones aren’t going to tour for over a year so Woody has a window of opportunity; Rod has a window approaching.”

I can’t wait, I’m a big fan of Rod Stewart’s voice. I guess he figures that he’s made his gazillions so he can do the Faces thing with no repercussions.

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