Mary-Kate Olsen’s Fourth of July

In complete contrast to the story Star Magazine published this week, Fox News is reporting that Mary-Kate Olsen had a happy, healthy and alcohol-free Fourth of July weekend and pal Jessica Stam’s house in the Hamptons.

“I’ve never seen her [Mary-Kate] in such good spirits, and she didn’t look anything like her old emaciated self,” their source says. MK wore a long black sweater, drank Snapple and water and laughed a lot with Stam’s friends from NYU. The source noted that MK stayed away from the boys at the party and refused to be photographed.

I’d be inclined to believe Fox over Star any day, and it’s pretty well known that MK and Jessica are pretty good friends.

Olsen Files has photos of Mary-Kate in Soho on July 8. She’s wearing a bright red dress and some neat avant-garde jewelry.

See the photos here.

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    • Tabbie

      Ashley Olsen’s Greek getaway

      Ashley Olsen and actor Justin Bartha’s relationship is really taking off — on June 28, the couple jetted to a romantic Mediterranean vacation. “It was a sudden plan to go to Mykonos and to explore Greece for a bit,” an insider tells In Touch. “Ashley is so in love and really happy with Justin, even though it’s only been six months. She has been telling her family how much she loves this guy and how sweet he is.” Ashley, 22, and Justin, 29, were in NYC together on June 16.

    • martha

      the twins olsen is…GOOD!!!!
      they’re a pair of wonderfull twins…
      good job, olsen!!!???

    • http://- Liana

      hey what is mary kate n ashley email??