Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Proud Parents of a Baby Girl!

Isabella and Connor Cruise have a new sister! Keith Urban’s rep has confirmed to that Nicole Kidman gave birth this morning to a baby girl. Her name is Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

Husband Keith was by Nicole’s side and mother and baby are very well,” the rep said.

Congratulations to Nicole, Keith, Connor and Isabella!!

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    • mia

      i was curious to see what everyone had to say about the name Sunday…. Its funny to me because i get the same reaction when people ask me my daughters name .. some are confused others love it.. whatever … anyway i never even heard of this Sunday Reed person she sounds like a mess!! I named my daughter Sunday because its my mother in-laws name and we are Greek and in Greek it means holy or day of the lord.

    • Mary

      Suri is not a made up name at all. If one checks the links someone was kind enough to provide, it is a hugely popular name in many parts of the world.

    • PuckHappy

      “Baby Suri’s name can be traced to a Hebrew word meaning “princess” or “noblewoman,” but by such a circuitous route that the connection is lost on most Israelis. Since the birth Tuesday in Los Angeles, bemused Israeli TV and radio presenters have debated the word’s origins.

      “Nobody here has ever really heard of it,” an announcer on Israel’s Army Radio said during a discussion Thursday. The Yediot Ahronot newspaper agreed in its half page splash on the celebrity birth.

      “We seem to have learned a new Hebrew word and from Tom Cruise, no less,” said a Channel 2 TV anchorman.”

    • PuckHappy

      A Hebrew expert named Jonathan Went, as quoted by, said: “I think it’s fair to say they have made a mistake here. There are variations of the way the Hebrew name for Princess is spelt but I have never seen it this way.”

      He also added, “Sarah or Sara or sometimes Sari would be a fair translation. They would all have the meaning Princess – but not Suri.”

      As a matter of fact, Suri has lots of meanings in different language. A bit of research is always wise.

      Suri is a breed of alpaca (a long-haired domesticated South American mammal related to the Ilama), known for its ability to make a good jumper. It is an excellent investment because of its “rarity and inherent beauty.”

      Suri is related to Surrey, which is a region of England, where the late Ron Hubbard’s home is located and the headquarters of Scientology in the UK.

      Suri means sun in Sanskrit, or priest or sage. It is also an epithet of Krishna.

      Here are other meanings of Suri as reported by

      It, in Amharic (Ethiopia’s official language), means “trouser.”
      Suri means “royal queen” in Malay.
      In Javanese, it means “comb.”
      In Bengali, Suri means “burglary.”
      In some Indian dialects, Suri means “pointy nose.”
      And in Japanese, it can mean “pickpocket.”

    • Mary

      It is still not a made up name as was commented on earlier.
      There was a lot of hoopla when the name was first announced but later reports does have it as having Yiddish origins. As pointed out in the above it does have many different meanings depending where in the world it is used including Princess in some parts and Red Rose in other parts.
      So no, Cruise did not make up a new word for his second daughter’s name.

    • PuckHappy

      From my co worker:

      “As a native Farsi speaker, I’d just like to add that the name Suri does not actually mean “red rose.” Suri is the word for fire or a spacific shade of red, like “Charshahmbay (spelling?) Suri,” which is the Wednesday before New Year when kids for some demented reason jump over fire. A “suri rose” means a blaze rose. But the word “suri” itself has nothing to do with roses. So it’s like they’re naming her “blaze.” “

    • Lauren

      Suri is a beautiful name. Very unique and exotic, kind of like Suri with her beauty and exotic almond eyes. It suits her. She is the only famous person with it. She can do so much with it. I like it melodic ring.

      We have had this argument before. Let’s let it rest, those who like it, good, those who don’t, too bad. Rose or pointed nose, nothing changes. Her father says it means princess and he got it from a baby name book.

      This is what happens when there is no news. We rehash pointless arguments. Of course those who have admitted that they don’t like Tom cannot be expected to like the choice of name for his child. And from the posts, they clearly don’t. Can we move on now pleeeeeeeese….

    • Mary

      Perhaps the meaning has been lost in translation and changed over time. Since there is a definition for a Suri Rose maybe that is where it became misleading and defining Suri to mean red rose.

      Suri is a very rare first name but a very popular surname.

    • Mary

      NK/KU chose Sunday which in Nigeria is a very popular name for a male child plus she chose a name linked to a woman with a very interesting personal history.

    • Tyler

      Lauren, we’ll move on when WE feel like it. Sorry that Puck burst your bubble though. LOL. Actually, I’m not, I’m enjoying every second :)

    • Tyler

      PS. or when Julie says enuf is enuf :)

    • Julie

      LOL @tyler – you can discuss their names till the cows come…as long as no lines are crossed. :)

      The dialogue has been interesting and I am amazed at how long a group of people can discuss names. New news coming soon….

    • Kelly

      so funny this thread…I look at Suri and always think her name does not suit her. It has grown on me, but I still dont like the name. And Sunday for me is right up there with “Apple”. I just hope they call her Sunny.

    • dahlia

      Lauren — Sorry to burst your bubble, but NK *just bought* a 3900 square-foot house in Beverly Hills — escrow hasn’t even closed yet. I’m not referring to the story from a couple of months ago — this happened within the last few days.

      And Looika…um…their names don’t rhyme.

    • Hana

      Dahlia, do you know for a fact that NK bought a house in LA? It hasn’t been confirmed.

    • Flossey

      Why is it so important that Nicole have to own a home in LA to prove she is a part of her childrens lives, Tom has been renting for years, and most of Suri’s life she has lived in hotels across the globe, does this mean that Tom and Katie don’t care for the children either. From what I have read both couples have only recently purchased properties. Being a home owner has nothing to do with good parenting.