Roads Clearing Up for Jessica Alba as ‘Barbarella’

Will Rose McGowan’s breakup with her fiancé, director Robert Rodriguez lead the way for Jessica Alba in the lead role as ‘Barbarella‘?

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Robert Rodriguez is currently working on remakes for ‘Barbarella’, ‘Red Sonja’ and ‘Woman in Chains!’ and his lovely (ex-?)fiancé thought that she had it all set for leading roles on all movies. Problem is, McGowan has not proved herself as a moneymaker when it comes to movies and her recent (and only?) movie ‘Grindhouse’ disappointed with about $25.4 million in domestic ticket sales. This brought studios to request that Rodriguez find a different star for the $70 million remake.

Well, it appears as if Rodriguez insisted on McGowan but their recent rumored breakup may cause things to change and Jessica Alba’s name has already been mentioned. Jessica has worked with him previously on SinCity and will soon join forces on SinCity 2 so he clearly knows her capabilities. We’ll soon see how this turns out.

Fonda As Barbarella
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