Night Shift 2 : Antonio Sabato Interview With TV Guide

antonio-sabato-jr-35th-daytime-emmy-red-carpet_nc Hey Night Shift fans, there’s an awesome interview with Antonio Sabato (Jagger) over at TV Guide. For a little summary, Antonio talked about how Mark Teschner (GH Casting Director) approached him about bringing back Jagger in GH, but in the NS 2 format. He also discussed succinctly Jagger’s son having an Autism. Jagger’s reasons for coming to Port Charles has everything to do with giving his son some roots.

Questions arose regarding his relationship with Robin and maybe hooking up with her but he said what they have is a brother and sister relationship. Brenda’s name came up as well. Of course. To read the whole insightful interview, please visit TV Guide.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • mare


      I hope they address the son with Autism correctly, it’s a touchy subject nowadays. Also, I wonder if any of the animosity between Jagger/Sonny/Jason will come out? After all, Sonny is the reason why Karen was so f’d up.