General Hospital : Carly VS Kate Scorecard


Alrighty, let’s do a tally on who’s going to totally rock your world, good and bad, from Port Charles. Carly or Kate.

Carly —- slept with Sonny in the limo. That’s 1 big whopping point.

Kate —- kissed Jax at the ball. That’s 1/2. She didn’t go all the way.

Kate —- got engaged to Sonny. That’s 1 point. Good Job sweetie.

Carly —- almost pregnant with Sonny’s baby. That’s 1/2. Almost.

Carly —- telling Kate to save herself by not planning a huge wedding to avoid humiliation when Sonny gets cold feet. Have you met Brenda Barrett? 2 points for that. Bringing in Sonny’s pattern into the table gets extra points.

Kate —- staring at her rock coz she couldn’t think of a comeback to Carly. Diamonds are nice but like JLO sings, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”. 1/2 Point.

Kate —- white top with keyholes on the neckline tucked under high-waisted pants. 0 points. She needs some meat on the booty.

Carly — white tunic with slit and tie sleeves over pants. Chic and major improvement to Carly’s no-bra outfits a year ago. 1 Point

The standing thus far is : Carly = 4 1/2 points. Kate = 2 points

Bring it on Ladies….

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    • ashmarspe

      ha, all i have to say is that Kate already rocks my world and carly can’t change a thing about that.!!!!! don’t care what your scorecard says because i think it is totally out of whack :)

    • Dexie

      I love Kate too. See, I can love both characters with no problem. Make your own scorecard too if you want.

    • dinah

      I love Kate and can’t wait to see her go all
      Connie up on Carly ass..

    • mare

      Kate = Connie Falconari, history = 2
      Carly = Sonny’s babies mama, dysfunctional relationship = 3

      If you gave them both the same outfit, it will always look different because of their body type and carriage. That’s not to say I question the stylist sometimes! 1:1

      Kate’s softened bob = 1
      Carly’s overly dried mane, I like it better curly = 0

    • Dexie

      ooooh, this is fun. keep it coming folks :)

      Mare I actually prefer Carly’s hair straight. The curly mane reminds me so much of her GL (CBS) character, Cassie.

    • abcsoapfan

      Carly had sex with Sonny in the limo after placing her son in a permanent care facility. Ewww=-1
      Kate kissed Jax on the plane and didn’t go all the way=1
      Kate got engaged to Sonny=2
      Carly almost got pregnant with Sonny’s baby(Almost pregnant? Is that possible? Again, ewww)=-1/2
      Carly bringing up Brenda (hello, Carly, you even suspected Jax of going to see her! Can you say meltdown? childish)=-2
      Kate did not become a shrieking banshee like Carly, who stormed into her office=1
      Kate, who deals with what the GH wardrobe department gives her and still manages to carry it off because of her figure=2
      Carly, who finally wears something tasteful=1

      Carly=-2 1/2

      Wow! Kate rocks!

    • Sue

      Can’t stand kate but she is my heroine if she takes sonny off the market. I want Carly far away from both those losers.

    • cindy

      Well, have to disagree with that scorecard….Kate definitely gets 2 points for her classy fashion sense plus another 1 or 2 for her fabulous hair styles. The of course, another 1 for heading up CRIMSON, another fashion magazine winner!!!! Finally I would get Kate 5 points for the classy, honest love and support she shows Sonny every single day!!!!

    • Csigaran

      I’m ready for carly to bring Kate down. Kate is a hot mess in sooooooooo many ways. Carly gets 10 points for being a strong women who is amazingly loyal as well as being a loving mother. Kate negative 3 based on that old lady wardrobe alone.