Is Britney Heading to the Big Apple?

Following the failed custody talks last week and while team Britney is preparing for an August 25th custody battle in court which will finalize their custody status, Britney is already busy planning life after court.

Apparently the plans include a big move to the Big Apple and a leading role on Broadway. According to this week’s Life&Style, “Britney was in serious talks to be the new Sandy in the show Grease,” but it was Jaime Spears who suggested that she sticks around at least until the August session.

What about KFed? Well he may be following Britney as well. According to the magazine’s source “he [Kevin] and Britney have talked, and they’re hoping that in six to 12 months they can both be in New York with the kids, working in different shows.” Kevin was, apparently, offered a role as the UPS guy on Legally Blonde.

Is Britney’s plan to sell her house, due to this upcoming move? What do you think?

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    • David Miller

      I saw a biography of Britney the other day I think on A&E. She is very talented and it is difficult for a young person growing up in front of the media to life their life. I wish her well and I also wish people would stop bashing her.

    • Britsworld

      I’ve read that Jamie (dad) said not at this time and he controls her movie roles. Something about thinking she wasn’t ready for that yet but when she was they’d get back with them.