Lindsay Lohan Has A(nother) Sister

Photo of Michael Lohan at Ago Restaurant on June 25th
by Jasper Jazlo/

Ok Magazine is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has not 3 siblings (Ali, Cody, Michael Jr) but 4! Michael Lohan apparently is admitting (though this could be wild gossip) to an illegitimate 3rd daughter. Her name is Ashley.

According to OK!, Michael Lohan admits to having a relationship with another woman while separated from Dina Lohan. Michael says that, years later, he was contacted by the woman and was convinced he was the only person she was with, and therefore the father of her child.

Michael’s secret daughter has had many conversations with her dad, the girl’s mother tells OK!. He even called her for her 13th birthday on June 12. But he has never visited her or provided financial support.

OK Magazine will be printing photos of this girl, who Michael says is beginning to look a lot "like Linds, with a mix of Cody" in the next edition of the magazine. According to E!, who claim a confirmed report from Michael as well, but only to the extent that the rumors are true. He has intentions for a paternity test to be done.

That said, Michael Lohan is denying the reports in a new Access Hollywood interview. In a way. He is (smartly) saying his lawyers can deal with it, although he does claim that there may be greed and mental instability involved in the claims by the girl’s mother. The girl’s mother, Kristi Kaufmann, spoke briefly about this all to Star and E! – you can read it here and here. Her motives to seem to be financial, as well as for Ashley to meet her other Lohan siblings (if the paternity is confirmed).

What do you think??

Just a note that I am out of town until Monday morning. If I miss any news, I’ll catch up then. Thanks!!

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