Auditions for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12!

The CW has posted the application form and open call cities and dates for the auditioning process for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12. As always, you need to be an American citizen 18-27 years of age, over 5’7″ and never had a national modeling campaign in the last five years.

The application is pretty rigorous, it’s 15 pages long and they ask you lots of personal questions.

Cities & dates are below the jump!

Good luck to everyone who auditions and let me know how it goes!

Grand Junction, Colorado
July 12, 2008 9A – 5P
Wax It

Lubbock, Texas
Registration: July 11, 2008 4-7 PM and July 12, 2008 9-10 AM
Casting Call: July 12, 2008 10 AM – 12 PM and 2, 2008 PM – 4 PM
South Plains Mall

Fort Myers, FL
July 12, 2008 10am – 3pm
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point

July 13, 2008
Mod Boutique

July 13, 2008 12p-5p
Hope Artiste Village

July 16, 2008 Begins 10:30a
Six Flags New England

July 17, 2008 12:00p-6:00p
Modern Woodmen Park

July 19 9:00am-12:00pm
Westgate Mall

Billings, Montana
July 19 2 PM – 5 PM
Bones Brewery

Ft Smith, Arkansas
July 19 10 AM – 5 PM
Northwest Arkansas Mall

Montgomery, Alabama
July 19 10 AM – 2 PM
Eastdale Mall

July 19, 2008 10:00am – 3:00pm
The Pink Poodle

Columbus, Georgia
July 19, 2008 10 AM
Zoo City USA

Ft Wayne
July 19, 2008 10 Am – 1 PM
Jefferson Pointe Mall

Salt Lake City
July 19, 2008 12pm – 3:00pm
Layers Clothing

July 19, 2008 11:00a-4:00p
202 Market

St. Louis
July 19, 2008 8:00a
St. Louis College of Health Careers

St Joseph, Missouri
July 20, 2008 1 – 5 PM
Stoney Creek Inn

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    • ms molina

      auditions for cycle 13

      suppose to bee on februaryy

      and now is February 6th and i cant seee nothing

      about that!!!!

      or can someone tell me whereeee i can fined?

    • arreanna

      hey im 5’8 im tall and thin with brown hair. i got a message from americas next top model casting call on but i dont have a gold memebership or whatever because i think that’s crap. anyways i did modleing when i was 9 but i stopped because i got braces and started dancing. i live in tampa, florida. i see there’s no casting calls in tampa. is there anyway i can be emailed an application?

    • arreanna

      who do you send the application to? email= catchmefalling08 @aim .com

    • Kailey

      It is too late to send in an application I do believe. You can go to a casting though. I’m 5’8 1/2 BUT for cycle 13, you have to be 5’7 or UNDER it is in the requirements. They are doing petite models for this season. My sister would have been great for it but she is only 16…if only she was 18!

    • Christine

      Hi, I just thought I would see if anyone else noticed…that on the old applications you had to be 5’7″ or over and now its 5’7” and under. I get thats new, but it is kind of unfair that the people who are 5’7″ get to do both? It should of been 5’6″ and under! I watched the first episode tonight and I remember that girl from Buffalo,Ny because I also made it pretty far, and I saw her at the New York semi finals(I to am from Buffalo) I feel like they for the most part now, they pick crazy, or people with some kind of drama in their lives. It’s seems like people with real potential are not always getting all the way through…it not seems ALL about ratings or whatever.

    • Lyssa

      I’m 5’7 I think the max should have been 5’8. I can see how it can seem unfair though…

      I feel like girls who are 5’9 and taller should go to a real agency and stop looking for publicity because if they have potential with their height they could make it without the show.

      I auditioned because I want to be a model and with this seasons requiredments its my best shot- but since they do castfor entertainment I still may not get it.

      I mailed in an app on the 6th (but my video was only playing on the computer…) So I went to the open call in swansea..

      We’ll just have to see what happends next season because its so different

    • Christine

      well good luck. Did anyone else hear about the chaos/cancellation at the nyc auditions Saturday? I was not even aware of auditions until I read the local paper. I am glad that didnt happen when I went. I sent in a video for this current cycle and they called me back and I did make it pretty far, but obviously not the whole way. I thought there were alot of girls when I went, because I was told I was one of the select few, but nothing compared to the actual auditions saturday I saw on the news (the line was crazy). I would of been mad if that happened when they called me to come there before even though it was a little different, because I spent so much money etc.

    • Veronica Nicole

      hey guys, I’M trying to find out if they’re still having auditions in LA…. I was one of the girls in NYC that waited 10hrs just to get to the door and be told that the auditions were being closed. I had nothing to do with what happened, I didn’t even know what happened till I seen the news!!! If anyone has any info about the LA auditions I’d really appreciate it if you could share.

    • Kaitee Fellerman

      Does anyone know if the different color wristbands they give you at ATM cattle call means anything? Most girls were given green others red. ;-)

    • Chiara

      Quick question. It says that you have to be an American citizen, but I’m a permanent resident living here for over 3 years now. I’m getting my citizenship in about a year or so. Can i still audition??

    • Erin Balser

      Yes, you can audition if you are a permanent resident.

    • http:/ Marcio

      *ANTM* it+s fantastic..& TYra is very beautiful…I`M peruvian… i*m 17 yeras old.. y desde la primera evz que vi ANTM me impacto…es un reallity y es bien loco..! y emocionante…!!

    • the real kaitee fellerman

      Kaitee Fellerman
      Mar 16, 2009 at 4:10 pm

      Does anyone know if the different color wristbands they give you at ATM cattle call means anything? Most girls were given green others red. ;-)

      Yeah. I definately didn’t post that. I had no clue this website existed and I didn’t even try out for cycle 12. Unless there is another Kaitee Fellerman out there I would like an explanation or would like that comment removed. Thanks.

    • Jessica

      Are they coming to arizona or just the citys above?