Video: Katie Cleary in AT&T Commercial

Katie Cleary, who was in the first Cycle of America’s Next Top Model and now holds Case #11 for Deal or No Deal is in the latest AT&T commercial, the one with Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad from The Hills. Brody and Lauren are having lunch when two hot girls walk by and Brody zones out for a minute. Of course, Lauren uses her handy LG/AT&T phone to text an insult to him.

Katie’s the hot girl on the left walking by.

I know this is off-topic, but do anyone watch The Hills? I feel like I’m one of the few people of the world who can’t stand Lauren.

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    • Matthew

      Cool commercial. I don’t watch the hills everything just seems to shallow and fake. I’ve caught some clips on youtube and it doesn’t grab my attention it seems to scripted, no one’s life is that interesting LOL.


      I love Lauren Conrad…she’s the only “sane” person on the Hills

      Whitney is just sits and smiles, Heidi is a *****, Spencer is a *****, Audrina is just whoring herself around Hollywood for cheap fame, Brody is a *****, Teen Vogue is a ******, Spencer’s sister is somewhat delusional, need I go on?

      Everyone knows its a fake show BTW

      Amazing commercial…LC looks great!

    • le1

      The blonde girl on Katie’s right is model/actress Sara Sanderson.

    • Melissa

      I really like this commercial! Katie looks great as always! Love her on “Deal or no Deal” she’s my favorite!!!

    • Pete

      The brunette in the commercial Katie Cleary from “ANTM” and “Deal or no Deal” I went to her website she has some beautiful pics up! I love her!!!

    • http://AT&TCommercial Heather

      Love Katie, but they don’t show much of her, as always…we want to see more of her…love her on Deal & ANTM…the camera never focus’s on her face, like the other girls on Deal….She is fabulous…Tell the camera man to starting editing Katie in more shots!! Like her look!

    • randy lopez

      Who is the girl in the AT&T commercial that has the very pretty eyes and gets excited because she gets a part in a play or something and at the end she says she would like tea instead.Does anybody out there know.