Noah Cyrus in Mostly Ghostly


Noah Cyrus is set to make her film debut in Mostly Ghostly!! The movie is a Halloween themed thriller based on the young adult series by author R.L. Stine. Noah will play a “parrot- wielding trick- or- treater” and like her sister, she’s a natural!!

Director Rich Correll revealed, “She’s a real natural in front of the camera, just like her sister.” Luke Benward, who plays a ghost in the movie said that “Noah may be 8, but she has a 15 year old mind. She is very outgoing and precocious.

Ali Lohan is also set to appear in the movie, which is set to premiere in October.

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Source: National Ledger

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    • Kathryn

      wow. and she’s only 8! that’s awesome!

    • http://Lizzy Lizzy

      I just say, even though I don’t like Miley, I must admit, she does have talent. I am happy for her sister, she’s so cute!

    • ♥♥WOW♥♥ Noah Cyrus ANd MIley Cyrus Rock!! Keep it Up Noah And Miley.. Noah Is Soo CUte!! Plus Miley Is So Pretty! the New Song By Miley Cyrus And Noah Cyrus is Called Driveway And It Rocked!!!.. Keep It Up Miley Cyrus And Noah Cyrus !*! you rock ~~**~~ I ♥ You

    • http://Demi

      WOW, you are really like Miley Cyrus!?
      Wow with lights!!!!!!!!!!!!
      She was nude on the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NEWS CHEK!!!!!!!!

    • Alexis

      noah cyrus and i used to be good friends until i moved.

      if your reading this noah i just want to say i miss you.

    • Anna

      She is so cute!

    • Csandy916

      eww is noah cyrus that little ugly girl??? omg wtf???
      WHY Would any one want her??? ew

    • Desha

      Hey Lizzy i am not trying to be mean or start something but i heard you was chatting about me.

    • Ashlee

      Noah Cyrus is the cutest girl in the world. more pretty than miley. ” my mom has a tazor.” “Soccer mom with a tazor.”

    • http://age13 maddi

      no effents, alexa, but i dont know if i believe u, unless noah wasnt famous b4 u were friends,
      or if u can tell me her middle name.

    • Miley’s #1 FAN

      I love Miley Cyrus. I also love Billy Ray, Tish, Brandi, Trace(evn though he looks kinda scary), Miley, Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey. THEY ALL ROCK AND NOAH AND MILEY HAVE BEENTHE CUTEST EVER SINCE THEY ENTERED THE WORLD!!!!!! THE MILEY SIZED SURPRISE ON TV YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST THING I WATCHED EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://msn eric

      hi noah my name is eric and i was just wondering from new jersey do you love me

    • carliaes

      noah is so cute and cool.she is so sweet.brandi is way older then miley

    • gogojojo

      i wonder wat it would be like to actully meet hannah montana or matison pettis i beet i would be so cool have anyone of you heard of purenrg cuz if u have i met them they are real nice

    • http://juniorcelebs alana

      i love miley cyrus,tish,billy ray,brandi,trace (he scares me but my sister loves one of his band’s song “shake it”),braison is kinda cute and little noah how cute is she?

    • http://home Annalyse

      hi i love noah cyrus she is so cute. Her sis miley cyrus is so cool. you are so great noah. #1 fan love you