The Harry Potter Prequel – READ IT HERE!

UPDATE: As of March 2012, you can now purchase all of the Potter books for your Kindle, Nook, etc. It’s not quite as awesome as the prequel below, but it helps us still hold on to our fandom.

UPDATE: We’re at war in the Crushable offices over whether Twilight or Harry Potter is a better franchise. Vote for your favorite in our Twilight vs. Harry Potter poll.
SWEEEEEETTT! The book publisher Waterstone’s website has now updated with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel, which sold for a ton of money in a charity auction this week (you can read more about the prequel’s other authors here). Here, in its entirety (800 words), is the Harry Potter Prequel.

The Harry Potter Prequel, by JK Rowling

The speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner so fast in the darkness that both policemen in the pursuing car shouted ‘whoa!’ Sergeant Fisher slammed his large foot on the brake, thinking that the boy who was riding pillion was sure to be flung under his wheels; however, the motorbike made the turn without unseating either of its riders, and with a wink of its red tail light, vanished up the narrow side street.

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    • john mack

      I think she needs to write a book about lord voldemort, and why he became evil, and how he made all the horcruxes. what do you you guys think?

      • Ryan

        The sixth book explains how he came to hate muggles and reveals which of his intrinsic personality traits lead him to seek to dominate all others

      • James

        Apparently JK is releasing a Harry Potter Encyclopedia where it is explained how to make a horcrux. She also said that you must do something really horrific, but what that ‘something’ is hasn’t been released to anyone apart from her editor, who was almost sick when he heard…

      • Krioshaeu

        ._. is it rape ? ._.

      • LoreleiAlderdice

        I always thought it was killing. It may be a combination of many horrific things, so maybe rape is one?

      • Cathrine Jullum Kise

        You have to kill someone to rip your own soul apart, but what you have to do to make it a horcrux…

      • Jo

        It is explained in the books and movies that they are created by tearing the soul apart and the soul is torn apart when someone commits a terrible act such as murder.

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    • Emma

      Great story! I would love to see something else about the lives of the Marauders! Maybe just a light read that would be sure to make you laugh. A lot of people want this but I would really not like it if she did, but some people want her to write about James Sirius, Lily Luna, Albus Severus, Rose & Hugo and their days at Hogwarts. Personally, it would probably cause more PostPotter Depression my way, just seeing that they all have kids now and everything. But anything Harry Potter will be something I cherish, haha!

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    • sandra

      I agree, I would like to see how tom riddle came about. I know that dumbledore went to the orphanage and got him and that the house where voltamort was in the beginning of the goblet of fire but I would like to hear more about the way he ended up at the orphanage and tell about his time at hogwarts with James,Sirius,Lilly,hagrid and the rest of the gang. Then end it with the blowing up of the potters house and hagrid taking Harry to privet drive to meet dumbledore.

      • my

        Well, how tom ended up in the orphanage is quite obvious isn’t it’?
        His mother gave birth to him there and then died, they did not know who his father was, ad he was not at hogwarts at the same time as sirius james and lily, he was there 50 years before harrys second year…

      • smg

        i thought tom killed his parents..

      • Beffy

        He killed his Dad & paternal grandparents, his Mum died in childbirth.

      • chloe

        sirius and james and the gang weren’t at the same time.

    • sarazarah

      what is the large golden bird suppose to be? is it a phoenix, standing for the OotP?

      • Lauren

        It probably was, it’s the only thing that would’ve made sense. Unless they had mockingjay pins haha.

      • yasmine

        i think its a griffin :)

      • Leviathan

        It doesn’t make much since to be a griffin, as there would be no reason for them to relate to one (if you’re thinking because they were in griffindor house, remember that the house is named so after Godric Griffindor & that their symbol/mascot is a lion). It would probably have to be a phoenix.

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    • Dessie x

      I hate to compare the two, it doesn’t feel right with book series battling it out. I thought readers were all brilliant, open-minded, imaginative and lovely to know people. I wish you wouldn’t argue so much. I did vote Harry Potter, nothing beats your childhood. I can’t say I know Twilight enough to justify my reasons as to Why I picked Harry Potter.
      I’ve read both series though.
      In Twilight the female characters were often weak, every character seemed to centralise around the idea of love and finding the perfect one. They all have little independence or value of friendship/other relationships. Bella has the problem of not fitting the way she has grown up. She is unrealistic in an attempt to make her special. Living in a hot place her skin would most likely tan to some degree, not “beautifully clear”. Despite what most say I think she has more flaws than she should. A character should be the sort that you’d expect to see in reality; she is too stereo-typically perfect. I remember her being fine weight, nice looks and the special new girl. She is hit on by all the wanted guys, and picks the one who is most dangerous and mysterious. Yes, how safe of her to go out with a guy no one knows anything of. Watching the first movie I even started to like some of the other teenagers at her school but Bella just wanted to hang out with the more polished characters. She gives up her parents and friends to live forever with a depressingly intense boyfriend. It was sexist at points, with the wives staying at home in the kitchen while their husbands go out, Leah and Bella’s whole lives crumbling down when they lose the guy, Alice is a clothes centred preppy girl. The love is messed up. Stephanie Meyer even admitted Twilight was written on her dream, she sees herself as this beautiful special girl who all guys fawn over. That is why superficial idiots want to read it, they want to be her.
      Harry Potter is amazing, I’m not going to try sum it up here. It brought me to who I am today. The book started off designed for children, but they grew with us. JKR planned them out for fifteen years; that shows. They are masterpieces. They are famous. They are loved. To me they seem the start of all good literature, they are what made me so into reading. They are for all people, of any age of any gender of any country, of any walk of life. The world she has created is so brilliantly interlinked with the real one, it amazes me one person could have such imagination. Characters didn’t start to be killed off in the third book. Harry’s parents were dead in the first chapter, Quirrel died, the basilisk, all the ghosts, death is another part of life and evident in all the books. Twilight I do like partly, I must go reread the books at some time. About teen hormones? You just made it sound like some cheap plot less smut. Maybe it is. Edward mysterious? You know what he is by blurb, without even starting to read. He’s not mysterious, he’s antisocial and Bella is playing innocent new girl. Now you have the issue of who is hot and who is not. Um… well aside from the fact that it is rather animalistic to go after someone purely for looks Harry Potter was more about being yourself than pretty. In the movies, the actors are looking pretty darn good now. It’s not like they picked them purely for sex appeal at the age of around eleven though. You sound shallow and stupid with such an argument. Robert Pattison looked so many times better in GoF, in Twilight I was shocked by what had happened. Eye candy is a plenty in HP and I’m glad to say it’s got more than that. Emma Watson and Kristen Stewert are both gorgeous. The acting Twilight had everyone doing was appalling and I wouldn’t even call it that. Hermione does start of as some prissy little know it all, that is what we call a flaw, most realistic people have them. The characters have development throughout the books as we all do through life.
      “Sorry Harry, boy wizards and witches will never be as hot as vampires and werewolves.” Please let me point out, the term wizard automatically shows gender, hotness isn’t increased when you get bitten with creepy diseases. Oh wait, Meyer decided to cancel out all consequences of such. So vampires sparkle in sunlight and werewolves aren’t torn from their bodies and losing their minds every full moon but instead inherit a gene that causes you to become ripped. Great and so mythology is ruined.
      Well here’s a short comment by me, wish I could go on but I have other things to do.
      Love all or spend your life bitter. Enjoy good literature. x

      • smrtalex13

        I did’t bother reading your comment because it was longer than the story!

      • Lena

        You actally just compared Twilight with Harry Potter. Someone with amazing imagination compared to a person who rambles on for a about a million years ( Get it ) about sparkly vampires. I know you can have your own opinion but seriously!

    • Amber

      I was really excited!!! I started reading the series when I was 6 and I have literally grown up with these books (yes, and stalking the pottermore website for updates).
      I’m pretty disappointed. Too short, poorly written (yes, I did take into account that she didn’t use an editor). Too bad. Maybe she’ll offer us a further developed story at a later time? I’m reading some amazing books right now, do perhaps I’m just comparing fabulous literature to a hastily written story

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    • meher

      totally disappointed

    • John

      Has anyone hear about the Harry Potter Prequel Series that is launching in July? it looks like its happening

      Everyone should repost it looks legit!

    • elvendork

      When I saw that Rowling had written a prequel (albeit a short one) I legitimately screamed for 5 minutes because I was actually reading about my two favourite fictional characters EVER TO EVER EXIST EVER! BUT IT WAS SO SHORT :((((((( Why you do this to me JKR??? Talk about false hope. Now I think I’m going to go kill myself… :((((

      • mirandalogic

        DON’T KILL YOURSELF there is still so much left of pottermore that hasn’t opened yet!

      • Kim

        When i found out she wrote this, I started crying and proclaiming that she should write whole books about the Marauders.

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    • Kim

      I think that J.K. Rowling should write a prequel about the Marauders. I would be more excited then you can comprehend.

    • Jane !

      i reckon she should write about one of harry and ginnys kids and some thing myterious that is happening at hogwarts – WOW another adventure!

    • LoonyLunaLove7

      Jo Should write an 8th, 9th and tenth book of the Series…Maybe a Sequel story line..go after the epoligue…write about tyhe Maraunders time at Hogwarts, I dunno she should just write more!

    • Poop23

      I love anything about Serius!!! I want more… besides getting to imagine young Gary Oldman (Rosencrantz) Oi! So very pleasing.

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    • wizard

      The golden bird= order of the phoenix?