New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince promo pics

The New York Licensing International Expo had Warner Brothers as one of its’ presenters, and gave attendees a sneak peek at quite a few Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince promo pics. Some of these pictures look, well, they look kind of goofy (especially the one of Remus), but I was reasonably impressed with the rest. Take a look for yourself: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Promo Pictures.

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    • hermioneg247

      i don’t think these pictures are very good…
      first of all, harry looks either tired or sick- i can’t tell
      next, like wendy said, remus looks really weird :P
      and am i seeing it wrong or does tonks have brown hair in the picture- TONKS HAS PINK HAIR!!!!!!!
      the pictures for OOTP were really nice- why are HBP’s so odd?

      vive xe

    • hermioneg247

      wow i feel like an idiot lol

      sorry for anyone who thought i was really stupid saying tonks has pink hair… i just realized today that she has brown, mousy hair in the 6th book lol and the only time it’s different is during dd’s funeral
      sorry!! (even thought its not a big deal lol)

      vive xe!!!

    • taylor

      okay, i had a serious battle w/ the people @ harry/ginny network(which is back online, thank god!!!!!!!!!!). that pix of harry w/ everyone else, the one on the opal yarn one, cmon. it looks like it was photoshopped by a 3rd grader. harrys face looks waxy and deformed and just ick.

      all the other ones look real, like when dan is w/ rupes, and tonks and lupid and snapey and draco looks HOT but that one of dan just screams fake in a really high and squeeky voice. big hugs for the devoted fan who took the pix and posted them. you earn a gold star for the day

      vive xe i so thought you were stupid and no, i dont forgive you. ever. :D

    • Mel

      What’s with the pic of Draco? He looks like a freaky china doll… his face is a weird shape (possibly from the angle) and colour. I mean, I know he’s pale anyway, but that pic is just freakish.

      Not liking these promos much…