GH Performer Of The Week : June 2-6 | Bradford Anderson


Bradford Anderson is the greatest thing that happened in DAYTIME Soaps in the history of DAYTIME Soaps. Yes I said it. He’s unique and uber-talented. How he manages to say his lines everyday is AMAZING. He has his own set of dictionary and English Language. Whoever writes for him should get an award, 10 times over. Bradford has been doing a marvelous job portraying this quirky techie character, Spinelli. This character is nothing you’ve ever seen in Daytime.

This week, the realization that Maxinista aka Maxie the Fashionista only feels deep friendship for him was heartbreaking. He’s been working hard trying to catch her attention but to no avail. Then the time he finally went for it, Maxie thought he was doing her a favor. That was really sad, wasn’t it. Maxie thought that Spinelli tried to save Maxie who was sneaking a peak at an off-limits folder from Kate’s desk. When Spinelli tried to kiss her and messed up Kate’s table, Maxie thought Spinelli knew that Kate was coming and he came to rescue her. Except, Spinelli wasn’t rescuing her at that moment. ;( .

To make it worse, he can’t really rely on Jason Morgan for love tips, LOL. He’s trying though. And then, Sonny keeps calling him a “freak boy”. I wanted to sock Sonny’s face right there and then. Poor Spinelli just stood there and took it all.

Spinelli tried to be Jason, which is obviously not working. Watch Bradford Anderson try to be the suave Jax portrayed by Ingo Rademacher this summer. Now that would be fun to watch :).

(Image : Newscom)

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    • http://yahoo Sandy

      Hey, I heard a while back that Bradford Anderson’s character was going to turn out to be Sonny and Kate Howard’s love child from their past. Is this true, or are we being strung along.

    • Alex

      Great article but you missed one of the best acting moments for Spinelli. At the end of the week after Sonny berated him, Spinelli trying to vent his frustration on the docks so much pent up anger at himself and Sonny played out in his face and body language. Then he hears a soft gentle voice ask him if he is okay and he looks up to Leyla coming down the steps as if she was an angel.