Smallville stars Tom Welling and Erica Durance – TV’s Most Fit

Tom-Welling-ncYeah we’ve seen Tom Welling displays his pecs on Smallville, and in a photoshoot here, and in this fanmade tribute, among others.

And there is no doubt that he is one good-looking actor! With his 6′ 3″ built, construction worker-size bod, whose hobbies include playing soccer, running, skiing and basketball, Tom would have no problem keeping fit.

So it wasn’t a surprise that TV Guide voted him as one of TV’s Fittest Stars as well!

2004 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room
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Smallville co-star Erica Durance also gets the honor of being one of TV’s Fittest, and it’s quite obvious really. Just look at her in these pictures!


CW Launch Party - Arrivals
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    • UglyLois

      Durance has nose job,tits job,botox,she smokes,and does nude party.woow sounds so healthy

    • June

      She hasn’t nose job (her nose it’s not one of the pretties we see on TV, so how can you say she had a nose job? It’s her nose and it suits her well) , botox (so why are the lines still there? She’s a happy person, she laughs a lot and doesn’t use botox, otherwise she couldn’t even smile like she does), she doesn’t smoke (her character, Lois, used to not her). And what’s the problem with her nude parties? When did that ever sent someone to the hospital? It’s her life, her home…she can do whatever she wants. It’s not like she goes nude on the street or something.

    • NotRoleModelLois

      UglyLois is right. Erica Durance obviously had gone under the knife to have the so-call fit body she has. When you compare her body (nude in so many of her movies) of her before Smallville to during, she was flat-chested and flat-nosed. Now she has fake boobs and a chiseled nose.

    • Mary

      Maybe she isn’t wonderful, but she isn’t ugly at all.
      If she were an ordinary person, everyone would say that she is beautiful.

    • shaun jones

      i think that tom welling and erica durence r the best lois and clark yet even better then christopher reeves and dean cane.

    • sols

      I don’t know why so many people have a problem with Erica Durance, it’s just ridiculous! You have no form of a personal relationship with the woman hence you do NOT know her enough to be saying those things…tabloids lie! She is beautiful for sure, however she came to have that body whether by working out or going under the knife, that’s her business. She deseves the title given to her in this article, if you have nothing good to say then don’t say it!

    • Rpb

      Do your homework guys! Durance works out at least 1 1/2 hours a day! There’s loads of clips on youtube!

      And I think she’s truly beautiful! Erica and Tom is the best Lois & Clark ever!
      Clois rock on!

    • LoveMeSomeTom

      Tom and Erica are the best Clark and Lois yet! Erica is a great actress and she looks very fit. That’s what they judged it on. Good grief. Don’t judge her life.
      And I think we can all agree that Tom is AMAZINGLY fit and the most gorgeous man EVER!

    • Autumn

      I agree, I noticed immediatly when she got a nose, and boob job plus botox! she used to have crows feet and lines by her mouth…now her face is clear and looks like a teenager’s face! She went under the knife! I’m sick of her face and acting!

    • Becs

      Even if Erica Durance HAS had a nose/boob job, that has nothing to do with her physical fitness, which is the original topic of the article. You’re all using the fact that she’s had work done to slag her off, but let me tell you that you can’t pay for those arms, legs, ass or stomach with anything other than sweat and hard work. Sure, a person can get lipo, but this is clearly someone who works out hard to keep her body looking so good.
      If you all had the money to buy better boobs and a prettier nose because you were being filmed every day of your life, I bet you would. Get a life, guys.

    • sandy

      ppl are stupid to say shes ugly! she doesn’t deserve this…so what if she did get a nose job or not, its her life. there are lots of acters who get things done to their body, but it doesn’t change their personality. its sad that ppl are so mean to acters they dont even know!

    • Eunice

      She’s beautiful! stop hating!!

    • marisssa x 22

      i agree with becs.
      of course everyone is bitchng bout her coz she is stunning nd ur all just jeallous that she is fit nd maybe works wiv tom welling???
      nd so wat if she has had botox coz she had smile lines nd they were pretty annoying so the cast on the show porbs told her to sort it ouy. Anyway my mum has a beauty salon nd one day per month all her customers cum nd hav fillers put in, so it isnt bad at all if she has botox so i dunno y u r all making a big thng out of it. nd bout the boob job hu cares would u rather she was flat chested or had big boobs nd im talking to the boys, it isnt like she is like katie price hu has gone overboard wov her boobs!!!

    • krystie

      erica and tom r great 2gether.they make a great couple if only they wouldn’t married.i vote erica and tom 100% 4 being the best clark and lois ever.if anyone has anything 2 say against him/her think they just don’t have a life and just want 2 pick on someone better.WAYYY…..BETTER.

    • ana

      the title is deserved for both actors. we can all agree that tom as a wonderful body. stop talking about other people’s life. erica can do whatever she wants, it’s her personal life. tabloids always expose famous people life and they don’t have the right to do it. she was beautiful even before the so said (if that’s true that is) nose job and going under the knife. the woman is the best lois lane ever, along with tom who’s the best clark kent ever. this is about how fit they are not who did which surgery or who has fake boobs!if you don’t like her, keep it to yourself, cause that’s just rude to say and shows an extremely lack of character. I agree with everybody who defended Erica cuz she’s a great actress, has a great body and I only wanna say one more thing to the haters who love to talk about other people’s life:

      GET A LIFE!

    • Rob

      I just checked out Erica’s pics and compared them to the way she looks now. She is very attractive and not much has really changed. The only change I see is that her body is now curvier due to muscle. Her breast have not been augmented as much as some of you are saying. [edited]

    • VilleFan

      Anyone that wants to debate on Erica’s surgical exploits, is a loser. Next comes the “beauty is on the inside” speech. I will again reiterate what Jim Carey says in Liar Liar, “That’s just what ugly people say” How about you shut your face and go to the gym for an hour or two a day. Physically fit people are more attractive. That’s all there is to it!

    • smallvillegirl

      The people who hates Erica are such a loser! Can’t you just talk about something else that is right than talking about the things that you don’t know for sure! She’s an amazing actress and she has an amazing body that will never be owned by somebody else. She can do whatever she wants with her life. It’s her life, not yours so why you must be the one that control her life? Take a look better at her pictures and you’ll realize that you’re totally wrong. Don’t judge her like that, look at the mirror and you’ll find your own physical weakness, everybody has it, so do her. Start thinking positively! She has done a very amazing job to change her amazing body to even more amazing than it used to.
      Tom Welling and Erica Durance are the best TV couple ever! Nobody can defeat them, never will be!

    • Katie

      Dude, seriously? Does it matter what she’s had done? I’d like to hope that most human beings are not so revoltingly shallow as to not go by the saying, “It’s not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts.”
      Erica is extremely beautiful, no one can deny her that. In fact, even a blind man would find it hard not to be touched by her beauty. She is also an incredible actress, a hard working mother, and a very intersting person.

      And, seriously, are these two dating? ^ They’d make a HOT couple!!