Departure By Jesse McCartney | He’s All Grown Up


When I first heard Leavin’ by Jesse McCartney, I was really surprised it was him. The sound is mature, sexy and has a little RnB beat to it. Who knew he was cooking up something sexy aptly called DEPARTURE during his 2 year absence from the Pop scene.

Watch Jesse McCartney’s Leavin’ video after the fold. WARNING: The video contains inuendos that may not be suitable for kids age 13 and under.

By the way, Jesse McCartney co-wrote Leona Lewis’s hit Bleeding Love. Impressive huh?

DEPARTURE is definitely a departure, no pun intended, from his previous albums. In this one Jesse delves into sex (nothing explicit), lust and of course, love. He’s transitioning into an adulthood so it just makes sense that his new songs reflects that, albeit unexpectedly. His music and lyrics have matured which although unexpected shouldn’t be a surprise since McCartney is growing up and experiencing life. What better way to let his fans and the industry know than in his songs, right? Gone are the days when he was longing for a ‘Beautiful Soul’ or telling someone he’s ‘Right Where He Want Me’. We could say the same thing with his new image as well. Blond hair and bangs are now replaced with a darker, shorter and spiked hair.

Departure which is his 3rd album came out on May 20th. You can get your own copy through

Do you like this new and grown up sound from Jesse McCartney or are you longing for the teeny-boppin’ old times?

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