What happened to Paul Anka?

Does anyone, besides me, think that it was weird that Paul Anka mysteriously disappeared for most of Season 7? What, was he at doggy daycare?? – Guest question by Broadwayboy

Paul Anka was an important part of Season 6, but then went into obscurity. I think in Season 6 he represented to Lorelai all of the things she regretted in her relationship with Rory – all of the things she wish she did differently as a parent. She was also a substitute comedy pairing for the reduction of the mother/daughter times in the show. In season 7, Rory and Lorelai are back together, so perhaps that’s why?

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What do you think?

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    • Adrienne

      i think it was kinda weird not seeing him later on in season 7.. at the beginning of the season, he was around a lot, but once Chris was gone, you don’t see paul anka much, and that was a little wierd. Like where was he when Lorelai and Chris went to Paris, or when Jackson came to stay? I mean, we saw him when Lorelai’s dad was in the hospital, but where was he after that?

      he couldn’t have died. b/c if he did, you would think lorelai would be upset and sad. Babette and Miss Patty couldn’t have been taking care of him, they were always out in town…

    • John

      I read that Lauren Graham didn’t like working with him. She likes dogs, just not as part of the cast.

    • Jenny

      Yea, that was strange, I read that too about Lauren didn’t like working with him. She has a rescued German Shepherd that she seems to really love and she did Evan Almighty which she would have had to love animals to work on that. I think one of the interviews a camel starts to eat her hair and she laughs. In real life I think Paul Anka (the dog) had been in a couple of commercials, one for Beneful dog food, the other a Comcast or Verizon commercial (it might just be local to me) where the whole family says “Whoa” one after another than the cat says it, then dog, then bug. I am an animals lover so I loved the animals they had on “Gilmore Girls” espically Paw Paw and Chin Chin

    • falon Lewis

      well i mean he was shown a few times like wen lorelai slept with christopher her excuse was “i have to feed paul anka” so i mean he was atleast mentioned. i just think that they didnt see it as important anymore now tht lorelai and rory were reconciled.

    • Jessica King

      I read on Lauren Graham and she said she dont like working with Paul Anka on GG,but in Real Life she love dog

    • who knows?

      lauren didn’t like to work with him, so they cut him off…

      sad, but it’s truth =/
      i miss GG

    • Rob (ShutUpRob)

      When you watch scene with Dog Paul Anka in them, it’s clear that he doesn’t take direction well relative to animal performers in general. That drives most actors nuts. So essentially, Dog Paul Anka was miscast.

      And in those cases, you either fire the actor or you write as little for the actor as possible.

      But I suppose one could say that Dog Paul Anka was either going out on Man Dates with Tiger from The Brady Bunch or he was hanging out in Mandyville. (Note: obscure West Wing reference)

      — Rob

    • Brooke

      I think that is sad that Lauren didn’t want to work with him, but we also want to keep the actors as happy as possible…

    • Adrienne

      she said she doesn’t like animal humor, and apparently having Paul Anka as part of the cast was suppose to be funny… i rarely saw the funny

    • Nil-Wren

      Whow, whow, good dog! Go to the forest of all that is missing in season seven, and perhaps, if you follow the right path, you will find him in good company.
      Whow, whow.


    • http://gilmoregirlsnews.com patty

      Paul Anka was the cutest dog ever on Gilmore Girls. Was that his real dog name too? I at least thought he would make an appearance in the last episode. I mean, everyone else did.

    • Kati

      I don’t know whether or not Lauren like Paul Anka, but I think the reason behind him being phased out, is because Rory and Lor were back on good terms, and when Lor first got him, it was sort of as a comfort about the falling out with Rory. And also, Season 7 wasn’t very fluent, I mean, there were a lot of things that were messed up, and made no sense if you looked at the previous seasons….so this is just another one of those things. Inconsistencies.


    • sherry

      I think that Paul anka wasn’t in season 7 but just a couple of times he was the excuse at the first episode so Lorelai could leave christophers house and then I think he was showed with babette when Lorelai had to go to the hospital when Richard had the heart attack babette was walked him outside to do his doggie biz and he wouldn’t walk down the steps until she laid her coat over the steps…….remember? Anyway after that i think they didn’t show him because the new writer Rosenthal knew he was going to try to end the show and wanted to get rid of the dog……

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    • Lisabtoo

      I loved the dog Paul Anka. I’m watching reruns of the show and I was wondering if the real dog who played Paul Anka is still alive. What is his real name? Where does he live and does he still appear on tv?

    • JustMe

      He’s probably hanging out with Sookie’s never-seen kids.