• Wed, May 28 2008

Step It Up & Dance: Get Ready for the Finale!

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After a break, the final five Step It Up & Dance dancers return for the making of the two-part season finale. They have had a chance to rest up, practice their craft and get ready for the toughest challenge of their lives. Miguel has a cool new haircut, Janelle still has her 18-year-old attitude and then they find out just who the two final guest choreographers are… Here’s a sneak peek:

Check out the bios for all of this season’s dancers.

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  • Randy Miller

    I think it is a shame that Cody is given soo much greef about not showing his emotion. He shows his emotion with brilliant performances. I feel he was attacked tonight by the bitchy judge. After respectfuly respoding to being called a snob once, she continued bait him by calling him a snob several more times. I wanted to reach through the television screen and slap her myself. I do feel that Cody is by far the best dancer on the show and I’m sadened that he may not win because he refuses to show a femenin side he dosen’t have. Nick dissapoints me with the fake emotion. It’s O.K. to be a MAN in the dance world.