Some Pictures of Katie Holmes From the 1990′s


Since I can’t find much TomKat news today, I thought I would post a few pictures of Katie Holmes from the 1990′s. These are from her Dawson’s Creek days. If you are a huge Dawson’s Creek fan, the official website gives you updates on what stations are airing the show. It also has episode guides, cast bios, etc.
The picture above is from June 8, 1999 when Katie attended the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California.


And this picture is from September 12, 1998 when Katie and her Dawson’s Creek co-star James Van Der Beek attended 50th Annual EMMY Awards. Don’t they look cute together? I love this picture of Katie.

Hopefully I will have some more pictures of Katie now that she is in New York rehearsing for “All My Sons”.

More pictures below the cut.



Images used with permission by Newscom

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    • PuckHappy

      She looks so young and so fresh! Yes, the picture of Katie and “Dawson” is very sweet. Almost looks like a high school dance picture!

      Thanks for posting fun pictures!

    • linty389

      Thanks! She looks so pretty. I loved Dawson’s Creek…watched it every week!

    • looika

      Katie used to look much better than now. Now she looks old. I think she on purposely wants to look older so that she fits to mother Connor & Isabella.

    • Tia

      In the first pic her eyes looks sad. I think it was DC directer who once said something about her “signature” sad eyes look. Does anyone remember what exactly he said?

    • Lauren

      Those are such cute pictures. Sometimes I miss her long hair. I hope she does grow it out again sometime.

      Looika, she looks older because she is older. Did you expect her to look 19 forever? She is almost 30 and looks different. I say more elegant and beautiful. She lost all the baby fat. I did like her round cheeks. I think Suri is going to look just like her when she grows.

    • looika

      I know Katie grows old and so do we. But when Katie gave birth to Suri, she still looked young and fresh not until she cut her hair short then she cut even more shorter. Some people do look more mature with short hair. As for me people always tell me I look older/ more mature with longer hair and that’s why I always keep my hair short or the longest is shoulder length ;)

    • Tuna Subway

      She is so pretty. Even though she looks more motherly now.She still has those beautiful cute girl genes to pass on to her kids. Maybe her genes will make Tomkat’s future son, 3 notches hotter than Cruise was as a young man. I can’t wait for those two to produce a handsome young man.

    • Anon

      Cruise has a hot looking son: Connor. He is really a handsome young man.

    • jenna

      I LOVE how she looks in these pics. Her body was much softer back then and her features more rounded and youthful. She is older now, as we all get older (blah) :( and naturally our looks all change but I do think she looked more soft back then. Her features now seem more angular and chisled….I wonder if its b/c of her off and on loss of weight or just the natural aging process. I will say though that she still looks amazing in some more recent pics. I still am crazy jealous over how stunning she looked in that red ball gown and reddish makeup from that costume ball they both attended recently. She looked like a vision.

    • PuckHappy

      A persons features to not become more “angular and chisled” as they age. It is a natural process that our nose and ears continue to grow as we age.
      There is only ONE WAY for a nose to “naturally” get smaller as you age. How? you ask.
      Well, NATURALLY you PAY to make it smaller! HAHAHA

    • lala

      To me, KATIE is looking better and better following her age. Her face is showing of how peaceful person inside. I LOVE KATIE!

    • lala

      I love her new hairstyle-elegant classy and suit her well. Tom is so lucky!

    • concerned mom

      Love these pictures. Back when she might borrow a $200 or $300 dress to go on the red carpet somewhere. Have watched some of her early interviews with David Letterman too and it seems like she was so fresh, young and innocent back then. She is a beautiful young woman and almost 30 is NOT old-I wish she would dress a bit more casually nowadays and youthful.

    • Tuna Subway

      Tom Cruise will be one of the presenters at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS this Sunday! Will Smith will be there too! I can’t wait to see it! Will will be presenting as well!

    • *Katie*

      I don’t remember what was said in reference to her eyes, but I’m assuming that you mean DC creator Kevin Williamson? DC had a different director every week (as do most TV shows) and though Greg Prange, an executive producer of the show, was often on set, he rarely ever gives interviews (but I’ve always found him to be a quiet and pleasant man).

      Thanks for the past pics, always fun to look bach and see! :) I’d completely forgotten that Katie has an outie belly button! (see first pic)

      I miss the long hair a lot, she’s so beautiful with it. She has a sort of panache with it, and I know she wants to look suave & sophisticated, but hey, they’re always time to look like your 50 when you actually are, I say savor the moments of youthfulness, especially as an actress!
      There will be times when I see her pic and think “is that really the girl I used to work with?” because she’s lovely with short hair, but very much the downy innocent with the long hair – a look that suits her very well.

    • Tia

      *Katie*: yes, it might have been the show creator Kevin Williamson. I know TV shows have different directors…I meant to say one of DC’s director.

    • Lauren

      I don’t know. I kind of like Both Katie’s for different reason altogether. I like the elegant one with her short do and sparkling eyes. I also like the rounded one with her long hair, round cheeks and smiling sad eyes. I do understand her change. Life changes and we change with it. She is very beautiful whichever way.

    • Tia

      I do like Katie’s hair short but without the bangs.

    • Annie

      after seeing her photos here , she’s so nice with shoulder length hair ,i don’t like her hair the way she has it now , it does make her look older. katie is also too thin, i think. sometimes i like the new katie, but definitley prefer the before ,and just after suri ,katie