Nicole Kidman Says Tom Cruise Manipulates Their Children


I haven’t seen a statement from Nicole Kidman‘s camp saying that this story isn’t accurate, so I’ll report it. If it turns out not to be true, I’ll update this post. Anyway…

Heat Magazine has a quote from Nicole Kidman and it is taking the internet by storm. Nicole tells Heat magazine, “It’s a pity they have been manipulated by the father to distance themselves from me.

She’s obviously speaking about her children Isabella and Connor Cruise.

She said she tried to arrange a Mother’s Day visit, but the kids ended up spending time with Tom and Katie instead. “They are closer to their new mom now,” she admitted.

I know that we all saw pictures of their kids on Mother’s Day and they were with Tom and Katie. I really hope that this story isn’t true because if it is, it’s just awful. I can’t imagine not being able to spend Mother’s Day with my kids. I know that we don’t know everything about Nicole, but it has always seemed to me that she was a good mother and that she loves Isabella and Connor.

I’ll keep an eye out for any statements made by either party…

Image used with permission by Newscom

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    • kelly

      puck girl: my post was not made up, it is my opinion, and I am not alone on that. I heard through the grapevine nk cheated on Tom, and I have an IN to speculate on my opinions so go watch the stanley cup. I think NK is a terrible mom.

    • LALA

      Nk,not allowed to see her own kids?? What a such LIAR. I think she should stop being DRAMA QUEEN for her own good!

    • concerned mom

      I think all is not as it seems with NK The church has a definite pattern of labeling someone who would give them any trouble as an SP which would mean that any family from within would pretty much disconnect from that person. Since it is rumored that she is very loving and kind and close to her sister’ children, It would greatly surprise me that she then would turn around and be a ‘terrible’ mother to her own 2 children. If people believe that, then the church has been successful in utilizing its fair game policy–”If you are not with us, you are against us”-type mentality
      Again, I am not a NK fan, but I just don’t see why so many are so negative against her.

    • Mary

      The talk of NK as a less than ideal mother to her older children has been around for a long time not just since her divorce from Cruise.

    • Hana

      I think the rumor of NK not being a good mother has been around even when she was still married to TC.
      Didn’t their one time nanny write a book about her?

      I found this cute pic of TC and Bella when she was very young (check the link).

    • Hana

      Another one.

    • Hana

      NK and her children.

    • Lauren

      Con mom, I don’t mean to slug her but to be truthful we don’t exactly see her camping in LA waiting to have a glimpse at her kids. Even Britney is in court trying to get more access to her kids. NK on the other hand got the LA home during the divorce which she sold. From the stories we have been reading she has no residence there. Would you let your own children live in a different city from you? I would never. She admits they prefer LA then let her find a home there. She agreed to have one in Nashville so she should make sacrifices for her children. It is unfair to blame Tom when he seems like an excellent father.

      Hana thanks for the links.

    • concerned mom

      Never thought I would agree with you Lauren. LOL But yes if it were my children I would move in next door. Every summer when my ex sued me for custody for my 2 girls because he had them in the summer and if I didn’t have money to fight back, he would have won. Thank God for my family. Over a period of maybe 4-5 years it cost me and my family well over $10 k to hire a lawyer in Idaho and in Arizona where I lived then. He had no cause and every year he dropped the case a day or two before the court date. Had he won, I can guarantee you, I would not have hesitated to move back to Idaho. But I don’t think things are quite that simple for NK. Don’t think we know the WHOLE story. If we did, maybe some opinions would be a bit friendlier towards her. By the way, have you noticed that lately TC has been photographed with Suri several times without Katie? Could it be possible-just asking for POSSIBLE here, that he is tiring of Katie and starting to make her look like she doesn’t care as much for Suri as he does?? Just saying…I don’t think she went to NY for this play thing alone because she necessarily wanted to, I think it might have been a lesson from the Cruise control camp–You can leave if you want to, but Suri is staying..

    • Hana

      Mom: I think I’ve only seen one TC and Suri outing lately whereas there are plenty of Katie and Suri without TC. And we don’t know if Katie went to NY alone (don’t believe the tabs, unless I see pics).

      If you see old pics of TC & NK and the children you can see NK doesn’t look like she is enjoying it (doesn’t look attentive to her kids). If I’m not mistake TC wasn’t really into CoS while he was married to NK.

    • Hana

      Plus, TC hasn’t said anything about NK in public, that shows what kind of man he is….you know what they say, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

      TC has spoken about what a great mom Katie is.

    • concerned mom

      true enough, Hana. Although I haven’t seen or can’t recall anywhere he has said what a great mom he thinks she is.

    • Hana

      I’ll find the quote for you.

    • Annie

      concerned mom , i think we should’nt forget that her dad is a top divorce lawyer and i’ll bet he keeps close tabs on katies life. her parents seem to be with the cruise family quite a lot .as much as i like tc i’m not blind to him . i guess if you’ve been married 3 times it’s not that hard to make it 4 but he’ll never take suri away from katie. i am sure her dad spent a lot of time investigating scientology. it makes sense, to me if katie went to n.y on her own if she had meetings. it was only for a few days

    • Hana

      Mom: I’ve been looking for that quote but sorry, I can’t find it online. TC said that during the promotion of MI3….he said something in the line of she is already a great mom. If anybody else can find the quote or remembers the show it’d be great.

    • LALA

      I think Nk love herself more than her kids. She is kinda selfish person. Have no wondered why Tom wasnt happy with her.

    • LALA

      Agree with you Annie-TOM WILL NEVER TAKE SURI AWAY FROM KATIE. First of all, Katie’s father is a divorce lowyer as Tom knew it from the very beginning. Secondly, Tom adores Katie of how a great person and mother she is AND, Suri was born before they got morried. TOMKAT is love how the way should be! The are a great couple!

    • annie

      Lala……i so much enjoy reading everything you write, you sound like a lovely person with a big big loving heart…………TOMKAT is love the way it should be! i wish there was a way for them to see what you wrote, lala, i think they would really like it!

    • Vik

      This doesn’t seem like a real NK comment. It is just made up.

    • Lisa

      I will say this from my own experience. Tom Cruise has a lot of power in Hollywood. What he says goes. This is why no one will work with him anymore, and he had to purchase United Artists by himself so that he could make his own movies because he is such an ass to work with. People in Hollywood are afraid to talk about him because he will make it so that they will never work again. There is no doubt that he threatens Connor and Isabella with money telling them that if they see Nicole he will cut them off. Nicole was lucky to get out. And so was Mimi Rogers. And just wait until he and Katie near there 10 year anniversary, I am sure he has someone else in mind. If anything, I am begging you people to side with Nicole and let this creep get what he deserves, which is nothing. We can tell by looking at Katie Holmes that she is sick. I encourage all of you to read about Tom as much as possible and then you will realize the type of person that he is.