Harry Potter actor stabbed to death in bar fight!

I have some sad news to report this morning.

Rob Knox, a young man who played Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby in the upcoming film “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince,” was stabbed to death last night.

Apparently he got caught up in a fight outside a bar and was unfortunately fatally injured.

I have no more information at this time, but I do send my condolences to the family.

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    • Robyn

      He was trying to protect his younger brother from a man who was carrying two blades. It;s sickening.

    • taylor1

      oh my gosh. this is tragic. but wait, robyn, why was the younger brother even @ the bar? how old was he?

      but whatever. i dont really care. this is just horrible.
      vive xe

    • hermioneg247

      this is horrible!! he was just trying to protect his younger brother- a truly heroic way to die, though. marcus belby should be a gryffindor… ok that sounded stupid but w/e. rip rob knox

      vive xe (love the card tay haha)

    • Robyn

      i think the brother was 17

    • Danielle

      This may sound really horrible, but I’m just glad it wasn’t a main character…but I do feel really bad because he was just trying to protect his little brother.

    • emily homuth

      this is horrible but it is definitly a noble way to die im sure he will be greatly missed and it is very sad that we never got to see him act

    • Yedi Weasley

      That is horrible!!!! This is just WRONG!!
      R.I.P Rob Knox!!

    • taylor1

      Danielle, i agree with you too. it horrible when ANYBODY dies. but you add to the fact that he was an actor in harry potter makes it even worse, but could you imagine if dan was killed?…that doesnt undermine the fact Rob is a human being and was killed, but i see what you’re getting @. *sniff*
      vive xe

    • http://www.gryffindorgazette.com I luv HP!!!!!!!!

      that’s terrible i might cry!!! :(
      i read that he got to shoot his part before he died
      Rest In Peace Robert Knox

    • insecret

      I did cry
      that is so sad

    • http://thecoolerlife.com ninja Harry Potter

      i dont really care i mean its just rob knox you guys are acting like danelle radcliff was the one who go stabbed to death

    • Arrow

      Hey Ninja Boy! Do you have anything to say for yourself.Would you like it if somebody you loved died!!!!! Do you have any feelings?! Anyways who cares. It’s bad if anyone dies out of senseless violence. I would have done the same thing to protect my little brother.

    • Weasleylover

      OMG. At first I heard it was one of the Weasley twins, and I freaked out. But it’s still SO horrible that he died, especially protecting his brother. But at least he died like a man, saving someone he loved. R.I.P

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    • Anon

      Can I just say you lot know absolutely nothing about this case. It was horrible what happened, but there is more to this story, and Im sure when it all comes out, you will have a different opinion of the man who died trying to save his brother……. like the fact it was nothing to do with his brother. So just wait and see!!

    • Rizwan

      Ninja harry potter!

      I feel so sorry for Robert Knox’s family!