Berto Wins ¡Viva Hollywood!

At the end of the ¡Viva Hollywood! competition, Berto Colón has won. He should be on his way to becoming the next big telenovela star.

Here are some VH1 Video Extras:

A video montage of all the death scenes in season one.
All videos © 2008 VH1.

Check out more videos, after the break…
All the great mess-ups from Maria Conchita.

Girls Behaving Badly? No. My Not So Fair Lady!

My favorite deleted challenge scene. This is great!

Here’s an “alternative” death scene for Gisel.

Reunion, anyone? Stay tuned for more great scoop on ¡Viva Hollywood!.

What did you think of this episode? What did you think of the show? Will you watch the reunion? Will you watch season 2? Who was your favorite of all the contestants?

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    • Joel

      Jen should have won
      VH1 sucks

    • Santos Allegre

      YES. I love the show. I LOVED IT. I hope it gets picked up for a second season. AMAZING!

    • Philomena Ojikutu

      A new star is born. The girls ain’t bad. Would have prefered Jen too.

    • Jaselle Barton

      Is there going to be a season 2? I thought this was a fun show to watch, with hot people.

    • John

      I am so glad Berto won! Jenn does not have the look to be famous.

    • Alis

      I love this show… a lot of hot latin drama…excellent. I’m glad that Berto won…good selection

    • Sheree

      Congrats to Berto good selection

    • fanofbertos

      I was so happy that Berto won! He’s been on AMC on and off, but I hope the soap keeps him on on a regular basis. I enjoyed the video clips, thanks!

    • tlortiz

      I couldnt’ find show towards the end- what happened to schedule ? Painful, I was addicted by then !!