Avril Lavigne Singing “Tomorrow” Live – VIDEO

While surfing YouTube, I came across this heartbreakingly beautiful video of Avril Lavigne singing “Tomorrow” live. The video is from February 2006 and the performance is dedicated to Avril’s grandfather, who passed away on the day she sang it. It’s sad, but it’s a refreshingly honest performance that’s beautiful. Unlike other young female singers today, Avril always goes out there and sings her heart out – without lip syncing! **If anyone knows more about this video or performance, let us know in the comments section, please!**

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    • http://www.alavigne.com.br mari

      first of all, sorry about my english… I’m from Brazil (:
      the only thing I know about this video is that it isn’t from 2006. It happened in 2003, maybe. And it was in Dublin, but I’m not sure.

    • http://www.alavigne.com.br mari

      yeah…I’m not sure about the place…
      take a look at this pics:

      one of these links is the same show as the video!

    • likebutane

      yeah I agree with Mari. This was long time ago. I felt like crying when I watch this video. Makes me feel sad too. =(

    • http://collwrites.blogspot.com Colleen

      Thanks guys! I know it was from at least a few years ago because she looks so young, but couldn’t quite pinpoint when. You guys rock!!

    • sandy

      This was Definitely in Dublin, Ireland. It was either 03 or 04, some friends of mine were at the show back then and I distinctly remember them telling me how she broke down in tears. Apparently someone came on stage and gave her the sad news. It’s so odd to see the video footage of this, I had completely forgotten it!

    • nicci

      i saw this video a while back and i was thining it must have been so hard to perform when she had all this in her mind!

    • davidson

      i love so mutch avril,i´m your the best damn thing fan.i hope can go in your show in this year in my coutry brazil.many kisses and hugs for her.
      avril i loooooooooooove yoooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..