Does Katie Holmes Have a Baby Bump?


Do you think that is a baby bump Katie Holmes is sporting in this picture, or do you think it’s just a bad camera angle? There is definitely a bump in this picture!! We keep hearing that they want baby number two and soon. Well, if this picture is accurate it may be sooner than we think.

One more picture of Katie below the cut.


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    • Mary

      Tia………………I don’t get it either.
      It’s as Tom said…………”It’s off the chart”

    • concerned mom

      I, for one, love to see her in 5-6 inch heels standing next to Tommy. LOL If she had a quarter of the self-confidence Tommy displays, she would be taking the world by storm. I think somehow she believes she doesn’t measure up-no pun intended- when in fact, she could way outshine him.

    • tyler

      she does vicariously thru him, but maybe this broadway gig will change all that.

    • looika

      Suri is the cutest of all Hollywood babies. I think all babies like to put their hand in their mouths. My 1 1/2 year old son can’t stop putting his fingers in his mouth.

    • concerned mom

      You know there were a whole lot MORE pictures of this event on dlisted. Please bring them over here. Some of them are very cute.

    • Julie

      Hey concerned mom – I am only allowed so many pictures a month, so I have to be careful how many I post of one sighting. Hope that makes sense. :D

    • Lauren

      Many tall girls have bad postures. Thats not to say they are all married to Tom Cruise and are trying to be his height. LOL. It is because the average girl is 5,3′ so they have to slouch to catch what their girl friends are saying. Regardless, Katie is a very beautiful girl.

    • ~V

      I think people have a way of going WAY overboard with the TomKat couple or any other big celebrety. I mean, yea don’t think it’s a baby bump, but so what if it is. They are married, happy, and I’m sure Suri would love to have a baby brother in the near futur.

      The thing is, celebraties are people like you and I, they have good days and bad days. I know it’s interesting to see them go and all, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for them AND for us if we just let them live their lives the way they want – religion, life style, relationship.

      Maybe we wouldn’t get tired of hearing about them after a while if the news would be far in between, dont you think?

    • Siska

      Actually, Suri looks like she is going to be three in the fall. She has all of the characteristics of a child who is two and a half, not two. Maybe they keep her on a baby bottle to make her look younger. Maybe they hold her so that she will look younger. Eventually, there will be a DNA test. Eventually, someone will tell her the date of her actual birth. LOL