Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Attend “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy’ Costume Institute Gala”


On May 5th, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy’ Costume Institute Gala” at The Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Some are saying that Katie Holmes’ outfit was a disaster, while others are saying she wowed the crowd. There also seems to be mixed reports about her dress being red or tangerine orange. It looks red to me, but the shiny fabric makes it hard to tell in the pictures.

What was the real big talk of the night as far as Katie’s outfit? Well, her shoes of course! Did she wear the traditional black shoes? Not a chance! She wore a pair of blue Christian Louboutin shoes. You can see an up close picture of them here.

I am loving the blue shoes she wore. Why not just go for it when it comes to fashion? Katie definitely did that!

More pictures of Tom, Katie and those blue shoes below the cut.





Images used with permission by Newscom

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    • Mary

      None of the men looked like superheroes, even the evening’s male hosts.

    • Lauren

      OMG, Michelle Duggar is having another baby! Her 18th, Speechless. Good luck to her!

    • Lauren

      Jarjoge, ehat you say explains the blue shoes. I guess there are too many fat egos to really dress like real sper heroes.

    • http://None medStudent

      I love the whole look!

    • tyler

      that’s prob why katie drew so much attention with the wonder woman colors. she left her ego at home. i don’t know if i could have done it, but i applaud her for it.

    • Lauren

      Tyler am not sure whether that is why Katie drew attention I think she did simply because she and Tom are a huge media draw now, call them a flavour of the month (make that the last three years) and she was actually very smart, the dress is beautiful. People who were there, journalists said she was actually very captivating. Beckham’s outfit was a miss but no where near how much the media exaggerated. I loved what Julia Roberts and Eva Longoria wore.

    • tyler

      I’m confident that those blue shoes had a lot to do with the attention she got – and the red face makeup, which may have looked better in person than it did in pictures. She was the only one that came in costume, except for Posh who looked really awful. I read both pros and cons so not buying that all journalists were captivated. I do agree about Eva Longoria, but she always looks great – nothing new. Don’t remember seeing any pics of Julia Roberts.

    • jajorge

      as elegant and classy and superhero(ine) can get!

    • Lauren

      Julia Roberts and Goerge Clooney hosted the evening. I saw pictures of them hugging with Tom and Katie. I find nothing wrong with her makeup. Infact I love it! Wasn’t sure about the blue shoes but they do have a red strip and I believe the dress have some blue camouflage.

    • Marie

      Tom sure likes to use the repeated poses with all of his long string of wives.

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    • LALA

      Katie looked so classy elegant on that red long dress. She really looks fabulous in red. Love the hair… Tom must be so proud of her!