General Hospital : May 6 | Carly VS Jax and Sonny

Carly is not backing down. She is fighting two Men in her life. Her husband Jax and ex-husband Sonny. They both think it’s a good idea to pur Michael in a place where he would get all the medical care and attention he heeds. Carly feels that’s abandoning her son.

Jax doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Morgan to have his comatose brother in the other room. Plus, Carly is not taking care of herself anymore. She has neglected Metro Court as well, her business that she loves. Carly is feeling betrayed right about now. Sonny threatened to go to court if Carly doesn’t agree with their plans. She keeps brining up the fact that Sonny wants Michael out of Port Charles so he doesn’t have to see him and be reminded of saving his girlfriend over his own son.

Basically, she told them both to go to hell.

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    • mare

      I pity Carly, she’s dealing the best way she knows how. Unfortunately this is paving the life of resentment for Morgan.