Pictures of Katie Holmes and Suri Out Shopping in New York City


I love this picture of Katie Holmes with Suri! They were seen out shopping at Jacadi on Madison Avenue in New York City this weekend. Let me just state the obvious that everyone will talking about…Suri is still drinking from a bottle. I know that has been a big issue with a lot of people. I am still trying to break my 4 year old from his sippy cup.

As far as why Katie and Suri were in New York City, I have heard that the whole family went there this past weekend and that Tom and Katie attended The Country Girl at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre Saturday night, which has fueled the rumors about Katie heading to Broadway to appear in All My Sons.

Before the couple hit the play, they were seen dining with Jerry Seinfeld‘s wife Jessica.

One more picture of Katie and Suri below the cut.


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    • amy

      um, er, sorry, i am confused here…

      lauren – YOU visit sites that are ANTI the celebrity you cherish – you have even quoted from “i HATE tom cruise”

      now, whilst i DON’T like tom – my feelings for katie and suri are easily detached from my feelings for him – hence why i visit this site

      Why would you choose to go to the ihatetomcruise site, and even libra’s new site KNOWING FULL WELL that they are NOT fan sites unless you intend to cause trouble – it is not as if you even have guts to comment, you simply read then run back here to repeat or taunt others –

      so i take it then by your logic in your comments about me posting everywhere that EVERY lauren i now encounter online is YOU – glad that is cleared up

      which ‘other sites’ have you encountered me on? you keep saying that but don’t say where

      I find your cyberstalking really creepy and disturbing – i hope you don’t have children – it appears you mustn’t have much time left for them with this obsession you have developed

      people with low self esteem often develop crushes on celebrities and take that to extreme levels – these people, due to their frustrations with themselves, can also be extremely aggressive and volatile – these kinds of people really need to put their hands up and ask for help

      there IS life outside these GOSSIP blogs

    • amy

      tia – it is an entirely open site, where no comments are edited or deleted – so if you wanted to go and comment you should feel free to do so

    • Tia

      Thanks for that Amy but I take it its not a fan site so I’ll give it a miss.

      Is it a nonfan/hate site? If so why? I don’t get it?

    • amy

      it’s not a ‘fan’ site – no
      but it ISN’T a hate site – the only thing hated on that site – as on MANY MANY other sites is probably scientology – and that is because most of the posters there have spent time investigating the cult themselves and have all formed their own informed opinions

      it’s a gossip site – same as this, but where everyone contributes news, pics, links, etc
      and all feel free to comment however we please knowing that we won’t get censored, deleted or blocked

      there isn’t any hostility towards each other and all opinions are discussed and debated without it ever getting personal to each other

      sometimes the comments are factual and serious, other times people just have a laugh

      i would personally suggest that you go to the new tom cruise site as that is for fans – the majority of people on this site we are talking about are NOT tom cruise fans, like myself for example –

      katie and suri – that is a different matter

    • Lauren

      Amy calm down. As I don’t have any more time for you. I redirect your post back to you. Just change Lauren to Amy. Mind you, it is a very low esteem that drives one to trash a stanger and make snide remarks about them every day. And no I don’t visit those sites, check Justjared and you will find all that I have posted here. My advice to all you and your friends is to get a life and try doing something positive. Trying not attacking TC and see whether you will get anything out of me. Why do nasty people fear any criticism? I thought there was freedom of sppech. Why is it that the very people attacking Julie for moderating are always calling on her to moderate all the time. Not that I do not appreciate her efforts.

      Tia thank you for being neutral. I can see non fans cannot see how their fellow non fan is being very nasty. Then again their sole purpose is to be nasty, so am not surprised.

    • Lauren

      Another non fan using Katie and Suri as an excuse. Yet she did not say anything when Suri was called autistic and called Katie a zombie. Always trying to point out how unhappy Katie is. Is that a fan? Please….

    • amy


      whatever –

      you are obviously just out looking for arguments

      i am so bored with you lauren, it’s the same old attacks again and again, day after day – boring boring boring- nothing original….

      go and pick on someone else for a while – i am not interested in you or your opinion, unlike the way you seem to be obsessed with me and my opinions – poor thing… focus on tom and not me ok – you make me feel uncomfortable

    • Julie

      Okay, I can see the comments here are getting out of hand. I am closing comments for this post. I hate to do that, but I can see that it is necessary.

      As far as the commenting…I am really sorry that I have been missing in action and haven’t been able to moderate things better. I just got internet in my new home last night. Please understand that this move was extremely hard and I haven’t been able to watch this blog or any of my other ones closely. Starting today I will watch comments closer. I will be once again abiding by the comment policy very strictly.

      Your comments will be deleted if you attack another poster, make comments about what someone commented on another site, bring up past comments on this site before I took over, attack Tom, Katie and Suri in an unnecessary manner or are just downright rude.

      Consider this a first warning. If you can not abide by the comment policy, you will not be allowed to comment here anymore. Please comment on THE POST itself and not each other.

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