• Mon, May 5 2008

Jessica Alba’s “Revealing” Outfit

I just got done posting about Jessica and Cash’s chow-down at Mr. Chows last week and I got a messaged by BuzzFoto with some photos of Jessica’s “revealing”/see-through outfit. Obviously she didn’t mean to show so much, but what do your think? should a pregnant lady go bra-less so far into her pregnancy?

jessica alba revealing outfit

jessica alba revealing outfit

jessica alba revealing outfit

[Photos with permission from BuzzFoto]

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  • k

    The only reason it was revealing was because 15 different cameras were flashing. It’s quite obvious from the video that only when all the cameras were focused right on her was there any kind of transparency. I doubt any actress is sitting there thinking, how transparent will this be if we get hit by 8 million paparazzi?

    And really, please stop posting about it like Jessica planned this and is walking around wanting people to enlarge these photos and take a gander. I think the only person who gets to pass judgment on a pregnant lady is the pregnant lady herself (and maybe her partner). You understand that female breasts are often quite sensitive, especially because of hormones? And that the kind of hormones in the last few weeks of pregnancy might make wearing a bra pretty uncomfortable. So who are we to even comment on what she wants to wear or not wear?

  • http://Www.yahoo.com Sameeh

    Its sick its really sick dammit she’s pregnent leave the poor woman alone…i love ya jessica and will always love you!!!hope you see dis!!
    Wats the big deal if her breasts are showing …she didn’t intend to show them on purpose… Jessica your the best stay the way you are! Love ya!

  • http://erichendrickson2000@yahoo.com eric hendrickson

    more power to you Jessica i think you are very Atractive

  • http://erichendrickson2000@yahoo.com eric hendrickson

    dear Jessica you are very Attactive, i love all your movies.