Tyra Banks on The View

On April 30, Tyra Banks made an appearance on the daytime show The View. She chats about she wants an Emmy nomination and how no one believed her talk show would make it. She also talks about “how hard” it is to have a long torso and she needed to learn how to work it.

Do you think Tyra deserves an Emmy for her work on the talk show? I always find her show to be over-the-top and cheesy. But what do I know?

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    • Top model addict

      Erin, I completely agree with you. Her show is so over the top and cheesey. She tries hard to be the next Oprah, but she doesn’t have the warmth and genorsity Oprah does. For Tyra, it’s all about her and her experiences and she doesn’t care in any way how people feel if it doesn’t relate to her. Still, I guess we do like Trya in a way if we watch ANTM avidly. Love-hate relationship, I guess!

    • Erin


      she bugs me a lot on ANTM too. i think she has this self-righteous attitude a lot of the time–like how she refused to learn kat’s name and does a lot of impersonations she thinks are hilarious but are kinda offensive

      but sometimes i love her. aah! so hard!! but i guess that’s why she’s so interesting!

    • Top model addict

      Yes, exactly! :O)