Saleisha Stowers My Life as a Covergirl Episode Ten

Here is the tenth edition of Saleisha Stowers My Life as a Covergirl commercials. They’ve all been pretty boring so far, she’s so stiff!

Who out of this cycle would have the best Covergirl commercials? If their Italian Covergirl commercials were any indication, Anya‘s would be delightful incoherent, Dominique‘s would be hilariously ghetto fabulous, Whitney‘s would be an uber-fake pageant queen and Fatima‘s would be like those late-night phone chat commercials.

Whose would you want to watch the most week-to-week?

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    • Top model addict

      Gawd, she’s just AWFUL! “I couldn’t have axed for a better fashion week.” LOL How ghetto! And her commercials sound SO fake and rehearsed. Yeah right she carries around CG lipgloss. Make it sound more believable at least! As for the current cycle’s contestants’ most promising commercials, I think Katarzyna would do a good job in commercials. She’s very articulate and friendly. She doesn’t try too hard, she’s her natural self. I don’t believe she sounded boring. I’m sure she would have done an even better job in a commercial where she actually can speak the language. As for Anya, she’s great, but what kind of accent is that? I still can’t pinpoint it! Is it Hawaiin? European? Does anybody know?

    • Blair

      Saleisha’s hair on the runway and pulled up looks DREADFUL! She’s so stiff and rehearsed.